What do you think of war movies?
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    Default What do you think of war movies?

    Do you watch war movies? Are they too violent even if they are based on real events? I bought DF the DVD set Band of Brothers for an early Easter gift (got it for half price!) and generally I do not like war movies, but this one seems to be really well done. I might actually watch this one. I found Saving Private Ryan too violent and although I appreciated it for what the message was, I didn't feel the same as I did watching a movie like Schindler's List...maybe because I find watching the indiscriminate killing just gratuitous (even though I know it really isn't, KWIM?) but Schindler's List made me feel like it was about people feelings/relationships and not just about war and killing....

    Anyway, I wondered what you all think? Have you seen Band of Brothers? Is a documentary different from a hollywood movie or is it all just too violent....

    Food for thought.

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    DH loves war movies, so we see most of them. He prefers the ones that are historically accurate, but, those also tend to be the pretty gory ones.

    I can deal with the gore if it's part of the story, but when I have to watch scene after scene of people being literally blown apart I lose interest. That's not entertainment to me. If I am watching a documentary I expect that, but, I'd prefer not to see that in a movie we've rented on "date night".

    Band of Brothers was really good~ I watched that series with Dh when it was on HBO. It told a story but didn't glamorize things.

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    Depends on the movie itself. I have a hard time with War movies in general, but have to admit that even with the violence, I have never regreted seeing Windtalkers.

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    I am not a big fan of war movies but I have seen some well acted and written ones that I did enjoy. I think Pearl Harbor was phenominal, as was Windtalkers. I enjoyed Behind Enemy Lines (I am a big Gene Hackman fan) and Black Hawk Down. There are some war movies that I just can not watch though, I can not sit through Platoon, it was just too graphic and disturbing.

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