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    Tuesday and Wednesday
    *cleaned house for company coming- used up some old cleaning products
    *washed in cold
    *cooked up a storm - planning on feeding guests at home instead of taking anyone out to dinner - less expensive, healthier and much nicer too
    *soup in crock pot today
    *dinner will be ham, yams and baked potatoes, last of the summer squach with tomatoes that need used, roasted beets that also need used.
    *planning rest of holiday shopping - at least trying too!
    *received free magazine subscription
    *received a free replacement roomba since mine broke...woo hoo great company! This was a Christmas gift from last year and they never even waivered...just sent me a brand new robot
    *received 2 big bins and 1 large bag of maternity clothes for DD from free cycle. The person even delivered them to me. WOW...what a blessing!
    *hoping to get a TON of stuff done over the weekend for the upcoming holiday season
    *mended DGD sweater
    *renewed library book via phone = no gas and no late fee incurred
    *used burger from freezer to make HM spegetti sauce and a meatloaf
    2015 - Get Fit in 2015 - Physically, Financially, Mentally and Emotionally

    January 2015
    Grocery challenge 400.00 goal /0
    Menu planning -31 days goal /0
    Christmas 2015 50 month goal/0
    Swim with Dolphin Fund 100 month goal/00
    Bedroom carpet and redecorate fund 100 month goal/00

    Time Goals
    Watch netflix House of Cards but limit total TV viewing to no more than 2 hours per day
    Stitching project - pillow cases
    Attend Yoga class once per week - Jan goal 4 sessions minimum

    Health Goals
    Drink water - January goal = 2 8 ounce servings daily for 31 days/
    Sleep - retire no later than 11 in bed as opposed to on chair
    Exercise 3 times per week = Jan goal 12 sessions
    Walk 10K steps per week = 3 times per week= Jan goal 12 sessions

    Mental Goals
    Learn to perform one task on Smartphone or use one new application on phone
    Focus on learning product functionality at work

    Every little tiny bit helps to get rid of that debt

    Success is not determined by how smart we are, It is determined by the decisions we make

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    Drove to next town over to pick up Dh's paycheck - he's not working this week
    Deposited paycheck, Avon money, mileage reimbursement in bank
    Opened a Christmas Club account for next year - put $5 in
    Went to Family Dollar - bought Fab Softener, TP, Bleach
    Went to Save-A-Lot - spent $8 on items needed to get us thru the middle of Dec - still need to spend another $10 but that's it
    Delivered several orders and got payment

    We needed to stack more wood - it snowed yesterday and everything is slushy outside. We did stack about 1/3 or what was needed, but we really do need to get more done. Tomorrow we will do more before going to In-Laws for Thanksgiving.

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    Made 2 pumpkin pies
    boiled eggs
    worked on afghan
    made Reuben dip
    Cleaned and rearranged living room
    doing dishes as I go so there will be no mess

    put turkey in oven
    Finish turkey day items
    hanging laundry
    cleaned bathroom
    wiped down kitchen
    the kids will pull out Christmas tree to put up tonight
    will be working more on the afghan

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    ~All meals at home
    ~Worked on December budget
    ~Scanned sales ads to see if there were any good deals
    ~Combined coupons and ECB's to shop at CVS and get lots of free items today
    ~Decluttering to save time when cleaning and for the upcoming move
    ~Windows open for is really warm here today:sunrise:

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