Gift baskets galore
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    Default Gift baskets galore

    Gift Baskets Galore
    by Brenda Spagnola-Wilson

    Homemade gift baskets can be a great way to save money or to put
    together a last minute gift. They can be personalized for specific
    occasion (like a wedding) or a basket everyone could enjoy (a family
    night out basket). The best things about them are that they are easy
    to make and you don't have to go out and buy all of the items at
    once. Pick up things here and there when you find them on
    clearance. Dollar stores are one of my favorite places to find items
    to use for just about anything. It can take some time, but weeding
    thru the "junk" can reveal some real treasures. Mix and
    match with things you have made yourself (soaps, bath salts, sachets,
    etc.) and / or picked up cheaply, and you have a champagne gift at a
    beer price! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    For Men

    Sports Baskets – some of their favorite snacks / drinks;
    mug/glass with their team logo; t-shirt or cap with team logo; a
    coupon from you to watch the kiddos when they want the house to
    themselves to watch a game. And you can always find odds and ends
    for sports lovers – just keep your eyes open.

    Mechanic / Woodworker – duct tape, electrical tape, wrenches,
    hammer, screwdrivers, hand wash, towels, screws, nails, saw, etc.
    Throw in a t-shirt with a cute saying or a little plaque. (I have
    seen ALL of these items at dollar stores!)

    Family Baskets

    Game Night – deck of cards, set of dice, pads of paper, box of
    pencils, Hoyle Cards game book, any board game, kool-aid mix, pack of
    snacks and plastic cups.

    Movie Night – family oriented movie, popcorn, drinks/sodas,
    candy, and gift certificates to a theatre or a place where they can
    buy a movie of their choice. Line the basket with washable napkins!


    Rainy Day – coloring books, crayons/markers, silly putty,
    watercolors & paint brushes, activity tablet, craft book, cards,
    games. The list is endless. Line the basket with a smock or an old
    men's shirt!


    Stationary Basket – paper, envelopes, labels, pens/pencils,
    postcards, stickers, book of stamps. Put it all in a box (for
    storage) that you decorate with wrapping paper or fabric scraps!

    Baby Basket – this is a great one for the dollar stores and
    thrift stores! Bibs, booties, pacifiers, bottles, burb cloths,
    safety pins, diapers (cloth and disposable), wipes, washcloths, baby
    powder, baby bath wash, baby shampoo, clothes, gift certificates,
    coupons (from local papers), coupons to babysit or cook dinners or
    help out around the house. Put all of this in a diaper bag or other
    container that can be reused – like a laundry basket, storage
    container, diaper holder, etc.

    Sewing Basket – needles, thread, buttons, scissors, patterns,
    fabric edging, etc. Check local fabric/craft and discount stores to
    see when they are having a sale. Include coupons for both
    traditional walk-in stores and online stores!

    Meal Basket – all the ingredients (plus the recipe) to make
    dinner, including side dishes. This is a great housewarming gift for
    those moving into their first apartment or home. You can make it
    specific if you know a particular type of food they like, such as
    Italian or Chinese.

    Bedtime Basket – another great one for kids, this can be used for
    anyone. Fantastic if someone is going into the hospital!
    Hairbrush/comb. Toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, lotion, travel or
    regular clock, pajamas, slippers, small pillow, throw blanket.

    "Be Good To Yourself" Basket – this is a great one if you
    make some of the things yourself, gives it that really personal
    touch. Soap, body wash, bubble bath, bath salts or bath oils,
    massage oils, towel and washcloth set, candles, loofah or sponge.

    As you can see, the possibilities really are endless. And just
    because they are called "baskets", don't limit yourself.
    Use unusual containers to place your items in – like laundry
    baskets, back packs, cooking pots, etc. Its all the better if they
    can use the "basket", too! Many items can be found at low
    prices just by shopping around. Check dollar stores, thrift stores,
    garage sales, even your own attic and basement. It's amazing
    what you can find to use. Lastly, don't be afraid to give a
    homemade gift. The time and effort you put into making it is sure to
    be appreciated as much as the gift itself.

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    Thanks!! You just gave me some great ideas for Christmas gifts!

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    Thanks Denise, I always make up at least one gift basket every year and I needed some new ideas!

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    thanks Denise. You mentioned thrift stores, and that is one thing I see TONS of every time, no matter which charity store I'm in, whether Salvation army, Penny Pinchers, Downtown Mission, the hospital thrift shop, St Vincent de Paul

    they ALL have tons of cheap nice baskets.

    If you don't like the colour, refurbish with a quick spritz of spray paint, to go with the colour of the basket items you are putting together.

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