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    Default diaper changing solution

    I mixed a bit of apricot oil with water in a spray bottle, and use this along with cloth wipes to clean my son's bottom during dipe changes. Much more gentle than sposie wipes, and very soothing as compared to just water. Makes the yuck come off easier too!

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    Great idea!

    I used a home made ointment. Olive oil, beeswax and a couple drops lavendar eo, melt wax, combine with oils. Great for rashes and as a barrier cream.
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    I will pass this on to my friends that still have wee ones in diapers. It sounds so much better than the commercially made wipes and ointments. Thanks ladies for the tips.

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    Can you use any other type of EO besides apricot? I have lavendar, peppermint, sweet orange, tea tree oil...just wondering if any of those would be gentle enough.

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    lavendar is probably good because it is mildly antiseptic...BUT my son is allergic to lavendar ....also tea tree oil is antiseptic as well

    you would probably want to dilute it alot JMO

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