Good Monday Morning Villagers!
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    Default Good Monday Morning Villagers!

    What are you gonna be doing today? Do you have any longer term goals for the week?

    For me it's: Work out (50 minutes on the gazelle + 25 pushups)
    2 small loads of laundry
    make bed, run through and pick and put up
    shower, do hair and makeup, get dressed (!)
    go to mom and dad's and work on a guest bedroom to clear it out
    and put away boxes from there
    fix chicken fajitas for dinner with homemade guacamole

    For the week: I have to do my quarterly reports tomorrow
    work on the front yard clean up
    wash and clean out my car
    more unpacking and possibly window washing and blind hanging
    at mom and dad's place

    That's about it for me but it should keep me busy enough and if I get all caught up I'm gonna clean my office


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    Good morning!

    Already showered and dressed, DD dressed, both ate bfast.

    Have a load of laundry in the dryer - need to fold.

    Off to playdate at friend's house later this morning.

    DH is on business trip all week so I don't have to cook dinner! Whoo hoo!

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    I stayed home sick from work! Terrible body aches, fever,... I just got out of bed.

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    laundry - clothes and bed sheets
    tackle the bathroom
    DH wants to go to an out of town event in June - stupid website doesn't say WHERE in that particular town the event is held and no contact info, so I'll have to hunt down a phone number or email addy. Then I'll get prices on motel rooms, etc.

    I could do more, but I'm lazy.

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    Hope you feel better soon Julie.
    Got my exercising done first thing, made bed & a couple phone calls, did dishes, played online and walked to the po this am.
    Afternoon will be spent watching my soaps, going thru some magazines that I need to toss, getting some wood & getting dinner going. Thinking of having chicken something.

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    Well DH is back to work after his week & a few holidays vacation time!

    I had to drive him to work @ 5 AM

    I never go back to sleep & the girlz are under my feet in the kitchen scared of the rain, thunder, etc. ;yikes:

    I had to call about Ma's Hospital stay since they are denying her continued stay coverage w/Medicare since the Dr. said she could be moved to a skilled nursing facility which means back to the Nursing Home she has been in trying to do rehab since January, between her emergency trips back to the hospital, the 1st time was an allergic reaction to IV antibiotics, the next was another emergency visit where she almost died since she has too much acid in her blood & also needed dialysis for her kidneys, being put on a ventilator temporarily. They said she has a life threatening illness & he thought she was going to die on this last ER visit & Now the Dr. says she has a fungal/bacteria infection in her blood & being treated w/Diflucan & can be moved back to the NH! I don't believe it since it's life threatening & being rushed back to the hospital if anything else happens to her this next time may be too late that's why I think she should stay in the hospital!

    I gotta go visit Ma later!

    They will call me back in 72 hours to let me know about their decision!

    Gotta get some other things done & before I know it's time to go pick up DH @ 3 PM!

    Then my PC time is really limited w/DH around

    Stop up @ the shop & bring the iced tea to my mechanic!

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    I'll be packing up some stuff for the move that we won't need for a while. Going thru some magazines and keeping and filing any articles I want to keep. Researching for decorating ideas for new house.

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    Busy Day!

    Up at 5am!
    Packed lunches and made breakfast for DH
    Walked the dog or rather she walked me.
    Check on the garden and wrote a list of To-Do's TODay!
    3 loads of laundry done.
    Need to -
    Make Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, Pizza Dough for Dinner Pizza tonight.
    Vacuum, Sweep, Mop, Dust downstairs
    Clean all the Bathrooms
    Make more Quilting Blocks for Operation Home front Quilts.
    Work on the Rug in the loom while I'm watching my appointment TV at 12:OO

    Ok that's enough!


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