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    I see that lots of yall have budget summaries and doing challenges, etc. Where do I go to set up my own budget or debt analysis.

    I guess what I am really asking is where to start.....I am really motivated by reading here and desperately need to save.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Well you can post here your monthly bills and then give us your bring home pay or money coming into the home monthly, we can then help with you with advice on where to cut down.

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    I have a problem with saving as well.

    Not that I don't cut down on things but my problem is that after I put $ into my savings account,

    I just can't seem to leave it alone 'cuz there's always something I "think" I need when in all actuality - I don't need them at all.


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    Start by adding up all of your monthly expenses, then add up all of your monthly income...subtract expenses from income and what's left over is known as disposable income. When you do your expenses make sure to include things like, gas, groceries, clothing, etc., you can go back through last years expenses to get a general idea of these costs or you can write everything down for a couple of months & go from there.

    I pay myself first (savings) and then pay the necessities which for me are lights, heat, property taxes and house insurance since we don't have a house payment. Then I pay the balance of my bills...whatever is left over I either spend or save depending on my mood. I don't have any minor children living at home, so it's much easier for me than it is for some. We also have a very stable income that we don't have to worry about which also helps. Good luck!!!
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