That's it! I am starting a Sickofdebt challenge for October
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    Default That's it! I am starting a Sickofdebt challenge for October

    I know it's early but I have to get pumped up. I have done these challenges in the past-well at least tried. I am so sick of debt. I just dream all the time about being debt free. Problem is that I am having a hard time doing it. We are in credit counseling and already pay $800 a month but I want to do more. I can just taste it. So that's it. My goal is to pay off my Visa ($500) this month. That's all I am going to focus on. We are having trouble with DH getting a consistent paycheck but DH talked to his boss and I think things will get better. Every extra cent I am putting it to this card. So I am starting this for Oct. Anyone with me?

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    I will join you. I am sick and tired of debt debt debt too. I would like to be able to get an extra $150 into savings this month.
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    It is looking like I will be adding an additional $100 a month to my cc card payment bringing it to $400 a month. I can really shave some time off that Sept 2009 payoff if I do.
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