Kerjack's Get out of Debt Challenge.
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    Kerjack's Get out of Debt Challenge.

    I have decided it's time to make a struggle a challenge so maybe I'll stick with it and get all of my debt paid off. I realize my debt isn't really at a large number but I still need to get this taken care of. I have made a drastic change in the last few days to prepare for this. I have decided to move back in with my parents to allow me to put more money towards what I need to pay off.

    Immediate Debts(In order)
    Junes Rent(Last time!) $460
    Bell $116.22
    Laptop $881 (+ Interest)
    CC $977 (@19.5%)
    Dad $160


    I work about 70 hours every 2 weeks, and make $11 an hour. $12 if I don't miss any work at all for the entire week. I usually average $600 every 2 weeks.

    Another thing I really need to work on is stopping going home early all the time from work. So that'll be one of my daily goals, and to take as much overtime as possible.

    $80 - Rent at my parents.
    $70ish - Cellphone.(Going to try and cut down)
    $32 - Laptop.(Until it gets paid off)
    $20 - Insurance.

    So that'll give me around $1000 to pay of things.

    I'm excited. Wish me luck!

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    WOW a drastic measure ....but I applaud you for getting serious about paying off your debt.
    Blessed and Highly Favored!!!!
    From $78K in debt to debt free and purchased a house with 100% cash...God is sooo Good!!!
    Goal: Build EF and cash flow graduate degree and REMAIN DEBT FREE!!!
    Graduate School Progress: Five classes done and Five to go!!
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    Good Luck!!! You'll do great!

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