How is your july grocery budget coming along?
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    Default How is your july grocery budget coming along?

    This month i have totally blown the budget but i knew it was going to happen. With getting basics, stockpiling, and trying to eat better i have spent $175.00 this month. I ususally try for $128.00 How are you doing this month???

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    i usually budget 560 for our family of 7 ( 5 over 16 and 2 under and a bunny )
    160 of this is the fresh fruits veggies- milk $ which my dh does those runs on his way home from work etc so i know we will spend the 160 by the end of the month but i am not sure what he has spent so far .

    i have spent 120$ probably going to spend another 50$ today on snacks and juice boxes - water etc for our 4 days at beach and some easy to make meals for the two older kids staying at home to work ( 22 and 19 so not eally kids ) .

    i am cutting budget back by 100$ this month and use that money for dinners at the beach .

    so so far so good
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    ~Spending more than I'd like. Already up to $141 and we need basics at Aldi tomorrow.
    Produce, grains and meat are very high in my area this summer(10-25% higher than last year). Plus my little this and that cravings aren't helping much. I don't want to cook in this heat so we're flying through all my fast, easy and more expensive ingredients and the other items aren't being used up. And lately nothing sounds very tasty so I'm completely unmotivated to do regular menu planning. ~

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