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    Default coupons

    how do you do it? how do you get the most per coupon, what is the best size to buy, do you pay the 'coupon tax' and tax on item purchased?, many yrs ago I couponed UNTIL 'he who shall not be named-said to me' oh that doesn't work why are you spending time on it." so i showed him I stopped trying to save us money. present I'm trying to get back into coupons for my household items and I would love to have someone teach me the best way to coupon to save money............................. i'm not talking like extreme coupon tv show, just enough for me to stock up on shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel/soap, razor's, deodorant. I have 3 in my family and would like to try my best to get my pantry shelf's stocked before Dec. a six mth supply with the least money spent. back when I was couponing I honestly never really had an understanding of using them ... only buying a few things a mth now I want to go big or go home so to speak.
    where do you get your coupons? I have problems with coupon theives grabbing the inserts from the sunday paper where I get my paper Saw some woman doing this but didnt have my phone to call police to report her- I would have because isn't that illegal?
    please share your knowledge with a old-novice.

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    I don't buy any coupons. I just print the ones that I want from or or P&
    I also get my shampoo at the $ store or go to CVS and watch for the weekly deals & use their loyalty card to get ebt bucks on other products. I make my own body wash w/shampoo & epsom salt. You can make your own detergent also. I hope this helps. (:

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    When I buy a paper it is in a grocery store or the like where I can check that the coupons are in it before I take it. There are web sites that will tell you what is in the paper each week so you can check before you leave the house to see if there are ones you use.

    I print a lot of internet coupons, from the manufacturer's web site or places like couponmom that aggregate coupons. Also check the store shelves for coupons while shopping.

    It might be worth getting a Facebook account (you can use a fake name and a 2nd email for spam) so you can get the offers that come up when you "like" a manufacturer.
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    The trick is to buy what you use when it's on sale, with a coupon too, to get the lowest price. It also helps to buy multiples so you hve enough to carry yu over until the next sale cycle. This way, with practice, you're paying the lowest price possible. Become familiar with your local drugstore's store loyalty card to get 'rewards' and also their coupon policies...once you get the hang of it, you sometimes GET PAID to take sale items out fo the store, in the form of reward $s for your next purchase. At the very least you will shave your beauty/cleaning/OTC meds. bills down and easy 50-75%! I suggest you check ut www.iheart (plug in here- CVS, Riteaid or Wags (walgreens) to learn how to make the most of the programs the sto0res have to offer.

    couponing can really pay off- even if you don't buy 104 bottles of mustard (haha, extreme couponer ref. there)! Check out my siggy, you'll see my savings for the year....and I'm not 'extreme'.


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