Today I went to the dollar general store to see how much I could get for $20 bucks. I know u ladies can do much better than me I bought what I needed some generics and some name brand and used coupons.
There are no rules just how much stuff can u get for 20. food, cleaning supplies, hygiene, meds over the counter, gifts since it is the holiday season.
2 bottles of dawn dish liquid coupon 60 cents each
toilet bowl cleaner dg brand 1 each
ajax dish liquid coupon 1.50
dg fabric sheets 110 count 2.65
glad auto kit spray for 5 with coupon
2 glade sprays 1 each forgot coupon
air wick with coupon 5 save 1 got it 4
4.00 for a total 18.35 plus tax 1.55 totaling 19.90