Since my moratorium from Walmart...
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    Default Since my moratorium from Walmart...

    I went and did ALL my grocery & home supply shopping today...and NOT one mega store threshold did I cross! So here's how I did...

    Spent $$38.04
    Saved in coupons & in store sales $$36.85

    Kroger (grocery store)...
    Spent $40.30
    Saved in coupons & in store sales $15.31

    Big Chief (grocery store)...
    Spent (including tip for my sacker who loaded my car for me) $55.29
    Saved in coupons & in store sales $14.88


    TOTAL SAVINGS $67.04

    This will tide us over for at least a month with the exception of maybe needing to buy cat litter or pet food (which I will now get at our local feed store).

    What I normally would have spent had I gone to just the mega store (according to past purchase history) $321.56


    I don't know about you, but this speaks loud and clear to me that I have made a very frugal and wise moratorium choice here!

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    I forgot to mention...the farthest I drove from home was 8 minutes so my gas and mileage were drastically decreased as well.

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    Good for you!!! It's not hard to find better deals if you look for them. One thing is about super stores, you tend to buy things you really weren't there for in the first place. This is probably where you'll find the most savings and you won't end up with so much stuff!
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    I did very well the other day also.
    I don't have the exact figures. Will start tracking that in April.
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    Good for you!

    Here it doesn't work. We don't have any small stores it's all chains/mega stores. The smaller chain stores are much more expensive usually, I do shop there.

    I tracked all my receipts from 2007, or most. I spend WAY more at the smaller chains then at the mega stores. However, I do make a list and stick to it. I don't browse through the non grocery areas. So I think for us it is a better decision to stick with it. Plus, here in my area of Canada, coupons are few and far between, and there has NEVER EVER EVER been a double or triple coupon day.

    A few stores offer spend $x and get $30 off. I used to work at one of these, and the week before this coupon comes out, the prices get marked up! So there is NO savings at all. Plus for use, we'd never usually spend that $x amount usually. So it's getting you to spend more than normal, likely on stuff you wouldn't buy, to save $x.

    One cashier was being pushy about a freebie. "If you spend only $50 more you'll get a free pie." I told her no thanks. But she was insistant, I told her, point blank, "If i wanted the pie, I'd spend the $1.99 and save $48.01, I have no need to spend the $50 to get it. " She didn't get it. Why didn't I want a free pie! ROFL. She wasn't clueing in at all. An older lady behind me patted me on the back. "It's only a savings if you were going to spend that much in the first place, eh?".
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    great job. walgreens has such good sales

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