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    Default 50-50 squash

    Now, squash in this context is a drink, not a vegetable.

    12 lemons
    12 oranges
    granulated sugar

    Squeeze the juice from the fruit, strain through a course sieve to remove the seeds but not the chunky pieces of fruit. Measure the juice and for every 2 1/2 cups of juice add 1/2 cup of warm sugar. Stir until dissolved.
    Pour into warm clean bottles to 5mmm from the top, seal with a ring and process in your canner as usual.

    To serve:
    Half a glass of this squash and add half a glass of soda water, mineral water or lemonade and ice cubes.

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    This sounds really good! I wish I had this recipe when Mom and Dad still had their big home with the lemon and orage trees!

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