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    I never saw an earwig until this spring when we were on vacation in California. I saw one on the desk and thought it was a damn scorpion. The concierge said it was an earwig. Earwig, scorpion. What the heck is the difference? I say bomb the durn things.

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    I have to admit we have tons of bugs too! Those hugs beetle like bugs that are the size of a quarter and ants (on steriods), lol. I will have to try that Ortho Home Defense and I can't stand BUGS....ewwwww
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    I buy the bug killer granules in a bag from the hardware store and spread it all around the outside perimeter and foundation of my home. It's a granule-type pesticide that kills all kinds of bugs from ants to earwigs. I apply it with a hand-held rotary spreader in the early spring and near the end of June/early July to ward off the bugs. Best to wear gloves and a face mask, long pants and sleeves if you can because it's poison and not meant to be breathed in by people or animals.

    I've seen the big black ants (carpender ants) and a few earwigs already and it reminds me to spread the pesticide again outside. Both of these bugs like humid weather, wet or rotting wood and dark places where they can hide.

    I would treat my entire lawn with the pesticide if I could afford it but as it is, I go around the house a couple times and spread it out to 3 feet from the foundation. I can't sleep at night if there is a bug infestation. I would do almost anything to be rid of bugs or mice.

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    I'd like to find something natural that works that will not harm my animals or well. Anyone know of any on the market?

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    Ortho Home Defense Max works pretty well, not sure about on earwigs though. It is labeled for earwigs. Spectracide Bug Stop is also labeled for earwigs indoors and outdoors but my observation is that it is possibly more irritating to the lungs than the Ortho. The pre-mixed Spectracide is much less expensive than the Ortho at Wal-mart. You may need more than one application. I looked on a bottle of Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer For Soil and Turf but it isn't labeled for use on plants for earwigs. I guess they are not really plant pests.
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