When do baby kittens start to eat on their own?
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    Default When do baby kittens start to eat on their own?

    And is it just automatic if the kitten food is there or does mom teach them how to do that?      

    I've put some kitten food down, but she eats it and the kittens run all over the place, not even the slight bit interested in the food.    They will be 5 weeks on Sat.

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    The kitten food is very good for the mom, she needs the extra nutrition right now while she is nursing. Moisten a little of the dry food with water for the babies. Mom might still eat it, but it is easier for the babies to digest at first. Once they start eating you can slowly decrease the amount of water you mix with it until it is dry again.

    They should start eating kitten food within the next week or so. I just kept putting mine in front of the dish and they eventually got the idea. Once one starts eating the others will follow cuz he/she may have something good over there!

    Also if the Mom doesn't go outside, don't be surprised if she nurses longer than 8 weeks. Olga nursed the babies for 5 months! It was only a couple of times a day towards the end, but she did nurse them especially at night. I think it was because of no danger and plenty of food available so she didn't have to hunt. That and the fact my 2 little ones were pretty demanding and she just let them!

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    I always would start to soften the hard pieces of kitten chow with warm water for them when they were about 4 1/2 weeks old Cj. It's hard to keep the mommy out of it but if you can separate for a little while and let them get a little hungry they'll start to eat it.

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