Not to much longer now
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    Default Not to much longer now

    Well this will most likely be my last week of work til sometime in April. Since my appointments are on Wed. though I may work thur Wed. the 4th depending on this next Dr.s appointment. It would be nice to have a few day's off to do last minute things with this one since I didn't have that luxary with I didn't even have a bag packed with her until the night before

    I got the new infant carseat last night, 4 infant outfits on clearence a t-shirt and a sping fleece lined rain coat for Paige and it was all only $75 for all that (plus tax of course). I may go on and get the other carseat since they were only $50 or my neighbor said she has 3 carseat bases if we wanted one of those instead of buying the second car seat. Luckily all her bases are Evenflo as is the carseat I bought.

    The girl that does the schedule at work asked me how my appointment went Wed. and I told her fine and that I should be good to go thru this weeks schedule and depending on Wed. appointment may even work M-W next week too (I want all the money I can I also told her that I would try not to go into labor at the store. She said that would be nice of me, but if it did happen then the other employee has permission to lock up and drive me to the hospital we are using (about 5-10min drive at most) and wait with me til Joe or other family can get

    Tomorrow after work I am going to try to tackle 2 more storage boxes of baby clothes and get them washed and put up. I am also going store some of Paige's toy's that she hasn't played with in awhile but I know she doesn't want to part with and then switch them with other things periodically so she doesn't get bored while home with me and Kayla instead of at the sitters house for a few weeks.

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    How exciting! You are a real trooper working right up until the end. I guess I plan on doing the same, unless my Dr. says otherwise. We need me to work as much now to help us live off of during my maternity leave. Good Luck !

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