Preggers time to touch base
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    Default Preggers time to touch base

    (1) How are you feeling?? (2) How are appointments going? (3) How are older siblings dealing with the new addition on it's way? (4) How goes the nesting and the preparations?

    (1) I am incredibly tired and hungry. But otherwise, ok.

    (2) Waiting for some paperwork so I can get in, so appointments hinge on that. I have had one...yep yer preggers...type of appt.

    (3) Erick wants to feel the baby, much too early for that. Hannah could care less right now.

    (4) We have switched the kids rooms and have begun gathering items we will need...well more accurately, with the exception of the monitor, I have been doing that.

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    (1) How are you feeling?? Been sick for 2 weeks so I feel like crud, otherwise okay

    (2) How are appointments going? I went to an appointment a week ago. BP was fine, no bladder infection, baby heartrate was 136 and I am back up to 216 which was where I was 2 months ago

    (3) How are older siblings dealing with the new addition on it's way? Old hat to the oldest two, but I think the three year old is getting jealous. She keeps stealing the one year old's bottle.

    (4) How goes the nesting and the preparations?ehhh, I dont know, if I have a girl I am set but because the US tech was sure it is a boy I only have a few items that will work. I am hoping some stuff comes up on freecycle and from a lady who had a little boy last month.

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    How am I feeling....

    Aside from missing my naps on the days that I close I feel great.


    So far so good. I have one next Friday and they are going to video tape the ultrasound and make sure it's still a girl

    No additional siblings to worry about, unless you count the animals.

    Nesting and Preperation......

    I want to have every last box of mine and Joes stuff gone thru put and or thrown out by this weekend. Then we will start buying the essential. Mom said she would talk to my dad about him and his girlfriend going in with her for a crib. We have my crib still so if we wanted to safe money then all we would have to do is buy a new mattress, sheets and bumpers for it.

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