Humidifier Filters??? Re-use???
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    Default Humidifier Filters??? Re-use???

    I was just wondering if there was a way to re-use the filters needed in a humidifier. I have a small one in my kids room and I hate having to buy filters for it, they are getting harder and harder to find, plus they are sort of expensive!

    Anyway, this humidifier is great, except for the filter situation after filling the container with water, the filters always start getting that calicum build up, which makes it hard to use sometimes.

    Can I clean them with vinagar or something else, so that I don't have to continue buying new filters or just suck it up and buy new ones?? Or is there something that I can maybe put in the water to stop the calicum build up, but that won't hurt my kids going through the humidifier???

    Any help at all would be greatly accepted!!!

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    I've soaked the filters in a bleach/water solution in the sink, dried, and reused them. This whitens them when they turn brownish after a couple months of use. I never use anything other than distilled or reverse osmosis water in mine, so there's no mineral build-up from hard water in them.

    Removing the minerals is more difficult. You can use a hot vinegar soak and see if that helps (vinegar is cheapest at Sam's club around here - two 1-gallon jugs in a box). I'd hesitate using chemicals like Lime A-Way or CLR - or use them as a last resort if hot vinegar doesn't do the trick. I don't know if you could easily rinse it out of the filters? I also use Citric Acid Monohydrate (a dry powder chemical) in my water distiller to remove the "crud" that accumulates in it.

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    Walmart used to sell a solution to de-mineralize the water(Found it next to ironing boards). Also sold a solution to keep the water fresh. I can't remember the brand name as it has been several years since I have purchased any.

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