How long can I keep uncured bacon?
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    Default How long can I keep uncured bacon?

    Uncured bacon is on sale right now at the commissary for 2.25 and I have a bunch of .50 coupons. It's about 6 bucks a package at the local supermarket. Bacon isn't something we eat a lot of but my kids love it and I use it in bean recipes. The sell by date isn't very far out though, so I'm wondering how long I can keep it in the freezer, and if I separate it into smaller packages, will it not last as long? I'm sure you guys will know the answer to this.


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    Wrapped well, I think I will keep for several months without any problem. Someone here probably knows a more specific time table, but, I would go ahead and stock up if it was me.

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    Theoretically, when meat is frozen correctly and maintained at the optimal freezing temperature, it should stay good forever. However, it is hard to guarantee, particularly with home freezing, that the meat will remain safe and of good quality for eating. The following is a list of how long most meats can be frozen and maintain a high quality.

    Bacon or sausage: one to two months
    Ham, hot dogs or cold cuts: two to three months
    Raw roasts, steaks or chops: four to twelve months
    Raw ground meat: three to four months
    Cooked meat: two to three months
    Raw, whole poultry: one to two months
    Raw poultry parts: nine months
    Cooked poultry: four months
    Raw, wild game: eight to twelve months

    This is what is RECOMMENDED! but we know that if it is wrapped well and cannot freezer burn, that most meats are good for at least a year or so. Just remember to wrap well if you want to keep it longer.

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