Can I freeze whipped cream?
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    Default Can I freeze whipped cream?

    ~Is it possible to make a big batch of real whipped cream and just take out a few servings at a time?~

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    yes you can you whip the cream and but dollops of it on wax paper on cookie sheets and freeze when frozen stack in a container and just take out what you need i have never frozen a lot of it but if some is left over i will freeze it and use within about a month

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    You can make sweetened or unsweetened whipped cream, place it in a pipping bag to form your dollops and freeze on a cookie sheet like groundhog described. Personally, I use parchment paper or a Silpat (silicon mat) for the job because waxed paper tends to get wet and fall apart quicker than parchment paper.

    If you want, you can make flavored whipped cream. I remember using unsweetened chocolate pudding and whipped cream as one of those low-carb "treats". Add powdered flavored coffee creamer - so you could make hazelnut whipped cream, or other flavors, which would work well if adding to hot cocoa or coffee.

    Here's a link to a plethora of ideas and information at Baking 911:

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