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    I tried to post this on the mixes thread but it wouldn't take it b/c it was not a recipe. Sorry if I have posted in the wrong place.

    I am decorating in primitive b/c I like it and it's very inexpensive. I have found several mixes on here that I would like to make. If you were to store the mixes in a glass jar that would be exposed to light would it affect the mix? I am unsure with some of the spices. The reason I ask is b/c I would like to use glass jars such as mason jars and adhere a primitive label. I think the mix jars would be cute lining my shelf in the kitchen. But worry about freshness, etc with the light.

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    I'd suggest putting other things in your jars than mixes, unless you use the mixes on a regular basis. How about a collection of cookie cutters, old kitchen gadgets, dried red peppers, in-shell nuts, fun shapes of pasta....

    Three things affect ALL food - HEAT, LIGHT, OXYGEN. You need to avoid those things to maintain nutrients and keep the foods from degrading quickly.

    Have you ever noticed at the store, the split peas towards the front of the shelf are not as green as those that were stored away from the light. Light bleaches out many natural colors in foods.

    Gifts In A Jar type recipes will keep up to 6-months - 3-months if it contains nuts. I go a step farther and vacuum seal the jars shut with the lid attachment for my FoodSaver to extend the life and keep the food oxygen-free. I make up a bunch of these as my "convenience" foods and keep them in my pantry, or use them as a quick gift idea.

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