Have I ruined my dehydrating zucchini
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    Default Have I ruined my dehydrating zucchini

    I set up some zucchini in the dehydrator for drying. It is topped with some spices and dried parmesan cheese. It ran for a couple of hours at 130 degrees and then was accidently turned off and left to sit for approx. 8 to 9 hours. Has it spoiled? Will it be safe to eat after it finishes dehydrating?

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    Just turn it back on and see how it is when it is all done. I would not throw it out just yet.

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    I routinely would turn off my old dehydrator when I leave the house for a long time or overnight for fear it would leave my veggies too brittle. I just flip it back on in the morning and continue dehydrating. The cheese and spices should be okay so just continue till they are dry enough for you.

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    I agree with the other posters.........finish it and see how it does.

    With the cheese being dried, it should be okay.

    And like Cea, I don't leave mine on over night.......or if I am going to be gone for over a couple hours..........just a safety thing that I do. It is out in my garage, so if something were to go wrong it would be an easy fire to get started.

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