looking for apple dumpling(?) recipe
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    Default looking for apple dumpling(?) recipe

    I'm having trouble finding a very basic way to cook these apples I gleaned from a tree that is nobody's (I got tired of seeing the apples get wasted). I'm looking for the kind your grandma would throw together if she came across some extra apples.
    I have the apples (about a dozen small), whole wheat flour, sugar and cinnamon. I'm thinking something I can just boil on the stove or shove in the oven.

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    I'm making turnovers this afternoon. I'm using a store bought crust rolled out and cut into quarters. You can use a home made single pie crust if you prefer.

    I took the apples and peeled, quartered and seeded them, then sliced. For 3 apples I added a couple spoons of brown sugar, to taste, and a dash each of cinnamon and nutmeg. Again, that's to taste. Mix it up with a fork and you're ready to make the turnovers.

    Take one piece of pie crust and lay it down in front of you. Lay pieces of apple on one half of it. Allow enough space around the edge to crimp with a fork, and run a wet finger along the edges to help with sealing. Fold half the pie crust over onto the apples and crimp. It might take some trial and error to figure out how much apple to use, it won't be much.

    Bake at 350F for about 25 minutes, or until golden brown. Cool before eating, they will be very hot.

    I find that one apple makes 2 turnovers. 3 apples makes 8 turnovers with 2 pie crusts.
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    well my nanny made hers as follows:
    core apple, stick a mix of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon stick-not powder must be stick in the hollowed out core. do a 3 .3 3 with peels on, 3 with peels off-
    she mixed and rolled out the dough using a plate to get the circle then put the apple in the middle covering the apple brushed with egg/milk wash sprinkled sugar on top for sparkle.... baked in 350 degree oven until brown. I prefer peel on, my mom prefers the peel off hence 3/3.

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