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    Default Colgate Refund Form...

    Just wanted to share.... In the Sunday paper, there is a $10.00 refund form in the coupons. If you use it, plus the coupons. You can get everything free.

    The form asks you to buy 2 Colgate Toothpastes, and two other items.

    I chose the two toothpastes, one deoderant, and one toothbrush. The toothpastes were $3.00 each, Deo. was $2.00, and the toothbrush was buy one get one free (walgreens) for $2.99. Then two $1.00 off coupons for the toothpaste, $.35 on the deo., and two 75 cent off coupons for the toothbrushes....

    10.99 for items
    -3.85 in coupons
    7.14 total
    and get a $10.00 refund!!!

    Just thought I would give you the heads up!!!

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    Thanks for the heads up!
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