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    My mom and stepdad were married the first time for 2 years, then divorced. They remarried a year later and stayed married for another 18 years. She loved him with all her heart until the day she died and he loved her with all his heart. Sometimes, second chances work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitten20 View Post
    IMO it depends entirely on why he is your ex. People don't usually change. (I didn't say never...) If your break-up wasn't b/c of major differences or his attitude/behavior, etc. then I would consider it.

    My DBF and I took a 3 month break from each other. At the time, we did not consider it a break and pretty much thought the relationship was over. We both made some pretty big mistakes. We did not speak at first, but eventually started talking again and one thing led to another... which led to us giving it another try -- but only for a "trial period". Well... it's been 1 year and 3 months since we started our "trial period" and we're still together.

    Sounds like a great night w/ your ex. Hopefully things will continue along that path. Building a friendship first is important (to me, anyway) b/c I think your partner should be your best friend.
    Ditto. My boyfriend and I had a great 2 year relationship that we both took for granted this summer when he lived mostly out of town and I hung out a ton with a good friend. My bf and I took a break because we sensed something was not right, but we could never quite leave each other and we've come back together because we are still in love and both feel we are supposed to be together. Though it's not really a second chance like we completely broke up and now way down the road one of us is coming back and asking.

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    with my fiance jason i broke up with him in high school b/c i thought he would hit me if he got mad. he threatened to hit a wood project over the teacher's head. i shortly broke up with him after that. we remained good friends until we got back together. we spent 6 yrs apart b4 getting back together. when he asked me y we broke up i told him that he scared and embarassed me. he told me that he would never hit me and that he was sry for scaring and embarassing me. i hope that u can either remain friends or become a couple.

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    I think you should go with your gut. If inside your feeling like this is the way you should go, then go with it, but if you have some nagging doubts or red flags you'd like to ignore, then you really need to let it go.
    Only you know what is right for you deep down. I think things happen for a reason, and your gut will always tell you what to choose, if you listen hard enough.

    My ex and I did the second chance thing years ago, we are no longer together now, but we have a beautiful child as a result. My gut always told me to hold on until the final time I asked him to leave. My gut feeling was so strong I would have been physically ill if I didn't do what I knew had to be done. That said, if down the road there was a chance for us I'd probaby take it. We are both older now and have matured considerably. A lot of the issues we faced were primarily due to how young we were.

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