I have been doing WW at home with information gleaned from the internet... and it's working! Unfortunately, I can't afford to join right now. I'd like to get the starter books and/or kit given to new members for the 2005 flex points system. I've found these items on eBay for $40+, which is still out of my budget right now.

So.... does anyone have the two starter books that they'd like to part with? I'd also be interested in the 2005 flex points starter kit, which is the two books, a black case, a points slider, and journal... but the books are really what I need the most.

If so...

I can offer you two South Beach Diet books-- one is the actual diet plan itself (a large paperback) and the other is a companion book that lists calories/carbs/nutritional values for hundreds of foods. I'll also include a list of good South Beach diet websites, and several recipes that I've printed from online. Basically, I read all this stuff and then decided that it wasn't the plan for me-- the books have been read once and are in like-new condition.


Tell me what you're looking for! I have a gift closet with a variety of items, I have a Paypal account, I can trade stamps/ coupons/ forms, or I can get GC's.

Please PM me if you're interested!