March 28th, what are your "Saving Saturday" plans?
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    Default March 28th, what are your "Saving Saturday" plans?

    It's rainy and cool here.

    -dressed and face on
    -dishwasher started
    -DS up

    Yet to do:
    -take DS to the doc's house for work
    -go visit my brother
    -my sis from IL is coming to visit this evening
    -cook my turkey and dressing, and make some rolls
    -clean up the kitchen after cooking
    -relax for the rest of the day

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Cloudy and warmish here. So far I've showered, had breakfast, and got the dishwasher running.

    On our agenda today:

    • bank to deposit a couple of checks
    • Dave's work (Ripstik in the parking lot) *Done*
    • declutter/take stuff to Goodwill boxes and get a dump run ready
    • Target for a new cordless phone battery as well as jeans for Lauren
    • *in progress*
    • library *Done*
    • finish/send taxes
    • practice Japanese for at least 1/2 hr
    • Work on Lauren's quilt

    Phew, I think that's enough LOL

    Dave & the kids like to Ripstik (wave board), and they're trying to get me to do it too. It's sort of like surfing and skateboarding combined. I really hope I can do it as well as enjoy it. It's great exercise, and I'm looking for an activity that I like to do as a means of exercise.

    Have a good day everyone
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    "You can't have your best health without exercise. It's just not possible" ~ Leslie Sansone, WATP

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    Well I don't have too many things planned, it's one of my days off for the I'm just going to do whatever I feel like!! LOL

    So far today I have:

    Coffee, breakfast, and FV

    Need to do today:


    Post office



    Open all the windows and air out the house since it's a gorgeous spring day here!

    Possibly a little cleaning

    Maybe some cooking or baking (OMAC or start early on my april baking challenge!)

    Possibly finish sewing some projects I'm working on

    That's about it...Nothing set in stone...but somethings to keep me busy! Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Rainy and cool here. Just dropped the dogs off at petsmart for a grooming. Brewing some much needed coffee and will make a little breakfast.

    Today's plans:
    - pick up pooches when they're ready
    - go to yoga
    - mop kitchen
    - vaccum living area
    - change bed linens
    - read a few chapters of "Your Money or Your Life"
    - vegetate on the sofa in front of the tv
    - maybe a nap (though highly doubt that'll happen)

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    work last week wasn't bad but it sure seemed to be on some sort of overload. i guess it was a good week with too much to accomplish in that span of time

    so, i'm really tired

    not much on my agenda today and other than breakfast and waking up, i've done nothing

    my parade of daily events includes the following:
    *file paperwork
    *re-write the budget due to new finance situation
    *basic daily house routine
    *get some dinners made for the next few days
    *and scrapbook...which could mean any number of things from pages to cards to gift bags for my school kids' easter party

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    It's a gorgeous sunny warm day here, so far. I got up around 7:15 and fixed my 2 cups of coffee. I can't do much since fiancee is sleeping. I sorted through dr. bills and refigured them. We owe less than I thought.When fiancee wakes up we are going to look at more property. Then I have to...

    1. fix dinner
    2. do a load of laundry
    3. do dishes
    4. sweep kitchen


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    So far today, I've:
    -- vacuumed the family room
    -- fixed a leg on a TV tray w/ super glue
    -- begun loading the dishwasher
    -- sorted, flung, and shredded a lot of paper and junk mail

    I still need to:
    -- fold clothes (3 loads waiting on me!)
    -- wash a couple more loads, including sheets
    -- clean the litterbox
    -- sweep the laundry room and kitchen
    -- wipe down counters
    -- make up the bed w/ clean sheets
    -- vacuum master bedroom

    and some more stuff ... don't wanna think about it.

    2015 Twenty Wishes Challenge: 9/20 complete :-)

    Just trying to keep on keeping on!

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    Smile no yard sale....

    Weather is too gusty, threat of showers - so we are postponing the yard sale til better weather. Yes I will admit that we are wimps, but it's just not worth it for us today!!

    So far I have.........
    Made coffee
    Made the bed
    Listed all the sewing I have to do in the next three weeks
    FV (of course)

    Will be working on..............
    Plans for April
    Organizing the yard sale boxes
    Cleaning LR
    Cleaning Master bedroom
    Making DH special dinner

    Almost forgot - yesterday I finally put up the drapes in our bedroom - ecru sheers and burgandy drapes. Silly but I am so proud of myself for getting it done and doing it myself (and not hurting my shoulder!!) IMO they look great and make the bedroom cozier. I'm glad I got it done while we are still using our bedset LOL!!

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    It has been a rainy, dreary day but thank goodness no snow. I did my workout and the morning routine, then went with a friend to the gym for swimming and weights. I also stopped and picked up some Yankee Candles, they were half price on certain scents. We are meeting up this evening with this same couple to go to a movie. Hope you all had a nice Saturday!

    "Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort."~~Helen Gurley Brown

    "Can't never did anything."~~~~Dad

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