Scrapbooking using Ziploc baggies! (for kids)
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    Post Scrapbooking using Ziploc baggies! (for kids)

    Make mini scrapbooks from ziploc bags
    Learn how to make inexpensive mini scrapbooks. Great project to introduce kids to scrapbooking.

    Creating special scrapbooks can be great fun and educational too. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive. Scrapbooking supplies don't come cheaply, and parents can find themselves "taking over" the scrapbooking session so that those expensive supplies are not wasted during the learning process. Unfortunately, as soon as an adult takes over, it stops being fun or educational. What should you do?

    One answer may be to make these mini scrapbooks from inexpensive materials. Although your end result is not archival quality - it is a fun introduction to the creative world of scrapbooks.


    A box of gallon-sized resealable bags (be sure to get a brand that does not print extensively on the bag), 2 pieces of lightweight cardboard (12 inches x 12 inches), a large pad of construction paper, scissors, ruler, glue stick, a stapler, markers, a hole punch, a yard needle, yarn, a hammer and thick nail, and a variety of photos and mementos.


    * Pile 5 bags neatly with the opening at the top. Staple bags together down the left side of the pile. Make another pile of 5 bags and staple together.

    * Cover the two sheets of cardboard with construction paper. Punch holes about ¾ inch apart with hole punch down one side of one of the cardboard sheets. Lay the punched sheet on top of the unpunched sheet. Mark where the holes are and then punch matching holes in the second cardboard sheet. This makes the scrapbook cover.

    * Place one of the stapled stacks of bags inside the cover. Using the punched holes in the cardboard cover as a guide, drive the nail through the plastic bags to make matching "punched" holes. Repeat the process with the second stack of bags.

    * Place all bags inside cover, aligning holes. "Sew" through the cover and bags with the yarn needle and yarn. Whip stitch from bottom to top and then back to the bottom. Leave long yarn ends to tie together to make a yarn bow at the binding.

    * Using your ruler and scissors, measure one inch from left bound edge on top cover of scrapbook. Score along this line to allow scrapbook to open easily. You may repeat with the back cover or leave it stiff.

    * Cut construction paper 10" x 10". These are the pages that will slip inside your plastic bags. Glue photos and mementos to these pages. Use markers to write memories, dates, and other special information for each photo. Slip the photo covered construction paper into your plastic scrapbook page holders. Decorate the cover of the scrapbook with markers and photos.


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    this would be good for letting kids make nature books while hiking or during nature walks. they could collect in each pocket supplies to make each page then come home and put their pages together, and then put the pages back in.

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    What a cute idea! This might be a fun group activity during our MOMS Club playgroup. Thanks!

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