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    Lol...i will consider making this on a nice snowy day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by josantoro View Post
    I have been married over 30 years and have never bought a roll of paper towels. Dish rag for most spills, rag-rags which get thrown out, for really nasty spills.

    I don't use many paper towels but DO use them..........and will continue to do so............doing anal glands on both dogs just about makes me gag anyway...........but want that paper towel that I can toss. Sometimes I toss them on the compost........

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    I was thinking about these but I really don't know where I'd use them. They'd be too nice to use on the really icky stuff, which is what we use the few paper towels we do use for. For anything else, we already have rags, regular towels, and dish cloths.

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    I use papertowles, unadbashadly(sp), I have rags also, hubbs old work t-shirts, and old socks. Neither of us can stand it when the elastic starts to give in our socks, so they get cut with the pinking shears, and then a quick zig-zag stich thrown in and we are good to go. Hubbs uses them for staining wood, and other nasty things in the shop, and those are thrown out. We also use them for dusting, and cleaning in the house, those go in the washing machine, and reused.

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    We do keep paper napkins around for things like cat puke or hairballs. We also keep them around for picnics/traveling/camping.

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    Default socks

    DH goes through socks a LOT (heels wear out) - we have a wood stove so I put an old sock on my hand and dust the stove pipe and around the stove top, and then throw it right out.

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    I dont remember when I made my cloth "paper" towels, but I did make mine out of sheets and baby blankets my sister was getting rid of. I love them. yes the sheet side is not great at drying - but IS great when you want to make a sandwich (hubby was notorious for using papertowels for sandwiches) but the otherside (blanket side) does work well at soaking up stuff. As for the really icky things that I dont want to put into my washer or soak pail, I use torn up food boxes or bread bags, things of that nature that would get thrown out anyway. Besides, if its THAT icky, then would have used half a roll of paper towels anyway!

    I thought about snaps etc but I wanted to be able to grab them quick and worried that if I put all that effort into putting in snaps, it would be another area that could tear! So I just made mine square (ish) and hang them over the paper towel holder.

    Mine were simple and I made about 75 of them (she threw out a LOT of crib sheets and blankets!). I cut them into squares, got one square of the sheet and one of the blanket, wrong side together, sewed 3 sides, flipped right side out, and folded in for the seam and sewed the last side. All in all I spent 2 days making them - the cutting took up the most time because the blades on my rotary cutter were dull...

    PP I COMPLETELY enjoy the fact I dont have to panic if I run out of paper towels - I just do a load of laundry!

    Here is a pic of mine

    Efelants & Woozles: Cloth Napkins (evidently I dont know how to put in the pic right...)

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