Are you doing anything this week to simplify your family life?
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    Question Are you doing anything this week to simplify your family life?

    We've decided to make a nightly ritual of reading. So both ds#1 and dd have been given an extra 1/2 hr. past bedtime to come sit in the living room and read, while dh and I are reading our books. Its made bedtime so much simpler and they are so relaxed before they go to bed. The books they read must be a simple fiction book!!

    When cooking supper, I always add in an extra amount so that dh can now take a meal to work, rather than sandwiches. He warms it up right at work. He is really happy about that. Although he was willing to take sandwiches everyday, I felt it was better if he ate a proper meal at lunch time.

    What are you doing to simplify your family time?

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    That's a very good idea CJ, you have there. I should try to do that. I find we have been reading less, lately...

    Mmmm...I'm trying to find a way I am simplifying our family life this week, but I can't think of one...There is so much happening this week...end of the year shows at school, swimming outings with the school, report cards...

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