Simple Sunday, 10/16/11
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    Default Simple Sunday, 10/16/11

    Good morning!!!

    Brr, it's cold this morning, and my floors are cold! So I'm moving a little slower than normal and quite prefer the warmth of my bed right now to getting up and going!

    This morning I am going to church. Not sure how many children will be going with me as one is still sleeping, and the other came downstairs and said she wasn't feeling well. So we'll see!

    After church I really need to get busy and accomplish alot. I didn't take a day off last week, so my house is in disarray. I have about 6 loads of laundry to wash and put away, kitchen to clean, and my bedroom is looking a little scary!

    Sadly, all I REALLY want to do is make a chocolate sheet cake! lol Maybe I can squeeze that in this afternoon in between the chores.

    Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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    I am feeling sooo rested this morning. The hubby stayed up with the baby all night so I could sleep. I owe him big time! Anyway we are missing church since I still can't sit down without a pillow, but will have devotions with the family. I believe today will be spent switching clothes from summer to winter and figuring out what we still need to buy for each kid. Hopefully not too much!

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    Went to church i seen a yard sale sign so on way back i swung by got a nice summer pant suit for $2.00 came home washed it alought it was clean, still warm enough here today so i am wearing it to church this evening.Been working on balancing check book.
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    So far I've gotten laundry going, dad taken to grocery shop, coffee ground for the upcoming week and dishwasher unloaded/ready for loading.

    Been watching tv on and off all day with DH - trying to have or lazy Sunday.

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    Church this morning. Choir sang at both services so we went to early and left after the anthem at second. DS1 had a school field trip this afternoon to a state park. Spent the day relaxing except for one load of laundry that couldn't wait.

    Watching season 2 of Little House. Taxes did just as good of wiping people out back then as now. {sigh}

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    I had to go to work at 10 so no church today. Was slow today, not many people shopping. I have to work next Sunday to ):
    Dh took me to Michaels to buy some stuff after dinner I printed out a 40% coupon! Saved $8!!! Then went next door to Target to get some new bathroom rugs and a new bathroom shower hanger!
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