Gotta love eBay!
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    Talking Gotta love eBay!

    My Daughter and Son are 10&12 (going to be 11&13 soon) and both suddenly hit a growth spurt. I managed to buy 6 Pairs of boys jeans size 12 in great condition, Levis and Old Navy brands. And 3 pairs of Nike sneakers that look brand new. For $74.32. The price you would pay for a pair of the sneakers alone when they were brand new! I all so managed to get my self a brand new down Columbia jacket for $19.99 that just had a faulty hood snap I would not use anyway, I looked the jacket up on line and brand new it's $199.00 i'm loving eBay lately!!

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    I like E-bay too....I go there first to check prices when we are in need of something.

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