Rembember me....
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    Default Rembember me....

    I cleared out cookies/history... cache....

    but even when I check remember me it does not but always used tooo...........

    obviously... not a big deal to someone who has been here for years...... and loves site... I will sign on nightly like I have.....

    but wondered it if it is happening to others.................

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    You know, I had this a couple of months ago too. Cleaning out cache, cookies did nothing. I think Gabe thought I was just a nutcase . And then, all of a sudden, it fixed itself without my doing anything else and the remember me function started working correctly. Absolutely no idea why it went off and then on again, but here's hoping that the same thing happens for you!

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    I'm having similar problem. I couldn't figure out why my JuJu was going down even though I log on daily and notice when I signed on the next time it did not show my must recent log in. When I logged out it would not let me back in with my password. I had to get new password and it finally updated and showed that I had log in once tonight.

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