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    i just pitched peas from 2002, weevilly matzoh, corn meal and pasta.
    baby step 2- see blog for actual amounts

    "stop being a victim, you are a perpetrator, taking things without paying for them is stealing, you are not a victim, you are a perpetrator. PAY THE PEOPLE YOU OWE, pray for the people you owe, and make it right. " hard nosed AA person, thumping his big book, addressed to me in AA meeting 7/30/2013

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    I spent yesterday inventorying mine and designing an Excel spreadsheet so I can track it better. Only found ONE item that expired in 2006, but it was a packet of dry spices, so I used it.
    DH aka Mad Hen

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    I don't write mine down because I'm a compulsive cabinet rearranger. It drives my fiance nuts. I'm constantly switching things around in my cabinets. I don't know where this comes from because I'm not like this with anything else. I use to never make a list for grocery shopping but fiance is a list person so I make one to pacify him when he adds something to my list( in my head).

    "For if I have my faith, I can rise up and say, I still have it all." HisSong

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