need ideas & help using Fooodsaver for canning jars
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    Question need ideas & help using Fooodsaver for canning jars

    I have been watching You Tube and found some videos where I can use my Foodsaver with canning jars to store & stockpile foods. And I want to do this, however, I have a couple of questions...

    Would this only be useful for dry goods such as macaroni, dry beans, etc?

    Hubby wants to make our own spaghetti sauce. Can we use this method with the foodsaver & canning jars or do we need to seal them using one of those big canners like my mom used to use? DH thinks this should work since the sauce will already be cooked and if we seal it while it is hot. But I am a bit leary... Has anyone else done this?

    If you have a Foodsaver and have used it to seal food in canning jars, what kinds of food have you done this with? I'm looking for ideas, help & hints... any help I can get to help us get stocked up for the coming winter.

    I have also used my Foodsaver using those bags for the machine, but I thought it would be more economical to use and reseal canning jars. Those rolls of bags get expensive!

    DH & I have both lost our jobs and have moved in with my mom to consolidate households through this crunch.

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    Use the Foodsaver to seal canning jars with dry goods ONLY.
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    I use it for spices, dry goods. To do things like spaghetti sauce, I'd still suggest the water baths. Although a jar that seals will keep longer in the fridge. So if you make a batch that does 3 jars, it would be ok in the fridge an extra week or two. But if you put it in the jars hot, then it will seal on its own.
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    The Foodsaver does not replace canning. But you can seal the jars using the foodsaver and put them in the fridge or freezer. It will keep freezer burn at bay.

    But perishable foods are still perishable unless they've been properly canned using a water bath or pressure sealed.

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    I am not an expert on canning and I don't have a Foodsaver.

    I use this blog for really good info tho:

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    Thanks JG, for what looks to be a great website. Will check it out more later........good info.

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