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    Default elance.com

    I found elance.com and am finding it extremely useful in picking up freelance work. Work areas are:

    Web & Programming (25,856)
    Writing & Translation (24,823)
    Design & Multimedia (19,258)
    Admin Support (16,976)
    Sales & Marketing (5,314)
    Finance & Management (3,768)
    Engineering & Manufacturing (2,346)
    Legal (998)

    Numbers represent number of jobs currently up for bidding--yes, you bid on jobs against other work providers. The site offers information on how many providers there are in your area of expertise in relation to the number of jobs being offered. If you are savvy you can really niche out your experience and find jobs will very little competition.

    All work is done from the comfort of your own home.

    I have created an account and put in 1 proposal so far. I will update this thread with my experience as I go.

    I hope this is helpful for some of you!

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    I'm very interested in hearing from other forum participants if they have used elance.com and get paid competitively.

    I'm transitioning my career from a corporate job to a freelance writer which means I'm looking for sources. Please provide your experiences! I'll be very interested in reading your responses.


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    My husband's experience with sites like that is that there is always someone in India or another foreign country where cost of living is very low who can afford to underbid you for jobs. He was losing bids to guys who were willing to put in 40 hours worth of work for $20. YMMV, of course.
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