Thrifty Thursday, 1/5/12
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    Default Thrifty Thursday, 1/5/12

    Wow, we have been a little slow posting on Thursdays, huh?!?

    Oh well. Maybe it's because we are all SO looking forward to Friday that we skip right over Thursday. That's me, anyways!

    Today I feel extremely blah and definitely didn't want to get up. I've got so much planning left to do for ds' birthday party on Saturday. But first, work today! Ugh. Thursdays are my normal day off, but with the new year, I already took my day off this week.

    Tonight my oldest starts basketball practice, so we will be running to pick her up from that.

    Other than that, will be at home straightening my increasingly messy home and planning!

    Have a great day!
    - Vanessa

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    The laundry is done and the kitchen is clean so That's nice.

    I'm thinking of going to Dollar General for $3.50 All clothes soap. I have 4 $1 off coupons so it would be a buy 3 get one free really.

    I need 36 bottles of soap for the stockpile and I think I may have 11 or 12 so really need some good sales to get that item on the shelf beefed up.

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    Im off today as I start a new position on Friday with a raise and promotion yay, So I now will be working 5 days a week I hope the old bones can take it. Got laundry going cleaned Living room dining room Family room my bedroom sons bedroom and kitchen packed dh and ds lunch and now gonna shower and go return some things I bought at Penneys then off to walmart Still need to figure out whats for dinner and I want to get a walk in with the dogs Busy day Hope you all enjoy your Thursday

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    Both DH and the teens are at work right now and I have the whole house blessedly to myself. I'm still plugging away at my master's thesis, and will try and slam out a section or two this afternoon.
    Need to make a grocery list and buy some food for the never-ending eating machine that is my 18 year old DS. Mailing off his college applications later.
    Need to get the dishwasher started, and just generally pick up / straighten up my bedroom/office.
    The sun is shining and the temps are supposed to hit near 50 today - so full steam ahead!!

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    DS28 flew back home last night to CA.

    DS25 and DH are still asleep.

    I need some well deserved rest. I'm not doing much today.

    I need to catch up on laundry. I clipped some coupons from an insert that DH had thrown away in the trash. I might get takeout tonight....yeah, I know...but if you'd seen how much I've cooked lately, you'd buy it FOR me, LOL. It's like morning-to-night, non-stop.

    I've got to get back on daylight hours. I've let myself slip into getting to bed LATE, and getting up late in the AM. I set the alarm to get up at a reasonable hour today. Tired or not.

    Some angels put my trash out at the curb last night for pickup. (DH and DS). Bless them!

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    I have 2 yes 2 loads of laundry to finish today, 1 is in the washer as I type, then I will have completed all laundry!

    I am hoping to start in on the picture and listings for craigslist/ebay today, but I am thinking that I might just take a nap instead.

    Spent $12.00 at Aldi's today, Loaf of bread, 4 green peppers, a cucumber, pack of shredded cheese, pack of chunk cheese for DD lunches/snacks, bag of tater tots. Then spent $5.17 on some ground chuck ($2.29 a pound for ground chuck!! UGH that is just crazy)

    Making sliders and tater tots for dinner and will brown up the HM that's left over for tacos, spaghetti, or sloppy joes one day later in the week.

    That was all my spending for the day.

    Have a great Thursday everyone!

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    kimmy - jealous. i am soooo behind on laundry its just ridiculous!but, since monday, i have done about 10 loads! that is how far behind i am w/ the holidays and ski trips and nye getaway and ny dinner for 8 here...thank goodness it is all over! i need a rest

    anyway, i did not have a thrifty day at all..but thats okay. went to pilates, deposited some comission checks and rebate checks i had..went to trader joes for wine and some dinner fixins i still needed. got my brows waxed. signed up dd for some after school and wknd activities.

    now i am tired and just chillaxin.

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