Today was not the cheapest of days, but definitely not the worst either. Went to buy DH's father's day present, but the place had gone out of business. Luckily, I had a Plan B and also had saved $ for it. Also took DS for a haircut. I normally do it myself, but he is getting at the age (13) where he wants something more "cool" than what I can do. As far as being frugal/saving $:
*all meals at home
*worked in yard and gardens
*hung comforter out to dry instead of using dryer
*turned AC up to 78/79 because it feels awesome outside...may sleep with windows open tonight!
*planning out menu and putting off going grocery shopping. Kids are leaving Friday to visit family for a few days so it will just be me and DH. He'll be lucky if I cook at all!!! LOL