Tightwad Tuesday, 1/3/12
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    Default Tightwad Tuesday, 1/3/12

    Good morning!!

    It's mine and the kids' 1st day back to reality after a much needed long Christmas break. Sigh, it's gonna be a rough one this morning.
    My girls love school, but my son HATES HATES HATES it. Hoping I can find my inner cheery morning person and get him out the door in one piece!!

    So, work for me today. I need to run some errands on my lunch break, but I'm unsure of what to get first, so I will have to ponder that. After school, dd2 has girl scouts, but other than that, no activities.

    Tonight I need to finish up ds' birthday invitations to hand out tomorrow at school for his party on Saturday. I thought I would get them done yesterday, but I ran out of time.

    Have a great day, everyone!


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    Good morning to you! Lots to do today:
    ~ Laundry
    ~ Fold and put away all laundry
    ~ Get DS's birthday invitations done and ready to mail
    ~ Thank you cards--Christmas gift and family who delivered food to us yesterday
    ~ Deposits at bank and credit union
    ~ Budget for DH's paycheck (per Dave Ramsey's FPU info)
    ~ Buy milk and bananas
    Every little bit helps.

    July Goals
    5 Eat Out Days - /5
    15 Exercise Days - /15
    Read 3 books - /3
    Only $300 for groceries - /$300
    $20 for stockpile - $0/$20
    Make $100
    Try 5 new recipes (Try New Recipes Challenge) - /5
    Make a price book
    Meal Planning Challenge - 2/5
    Change Jar Challenge - $11.50
    Work 23 hours - /23

    Paying Down Debt & Increasing EF in 2015:
    ~ Car debt - $10,982.04 $7355.41 as of 6-11-15
    ~ CC - $11,209.42 $10,908.29 $10,448.29 as of 6-11-15
    ~ Medical - $200
    ~ EF - $1000/$2000

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    First day back to school here too... we almost didn't make it!

    7:48 - roll over, look at clock and start the panic dance
    8:20 - we arrive at the school, 9 miles away... Diva is fully dressed, with clean teeth, brushed hair, fed, and lunch packed.

    I'm still not sure how we did it - but I'm glad we did!

    When I finally got home, I crawled to the coffee pot, nothing big to do today. working on a scarf for a friend, wrote another blog entry, and knitting more until it's time to pick Diva up from school.

    Dinner will be pasta, meatballs and garlic bread - All over easy day

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    back to work here today! It is good to be back on our routine!

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    Went to hairdresser then the thriftstore. Was able to find 3 purses for a total of $10. One is a portolano leather purse. Really happy about the finds.

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    Worked half a day today, went to bank and paid an extra $116.50 on my car loan, deposited $25 into my savings, and probably put too much into my checking that could have gone on the car or into my EF, but will figure that out later and move it if necessary.

    Working on a budget, picked up coin wraps from bank to start wrapping last years coin jar, listed knitting books in For Sale forum.

    Rest of the day will be housecleaning, getting some clothes out for the consignment shop, and ordering my credit reports to make sure they are in order.

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    Today was back to school day here too.

    ~More laundry
    ~Lunches made for DH & DD
    ~Hot Dogs for dinner
    ~Look around for health insurance

    Have a great day!
    DH35 ME 34 DD 9 DS 3 DD 2
    Married my high school sweetheart

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    Work again today made ds and dh lunches and straightened up the house when I got home dinner is roast chicken fixed a broken zipper on a jacket paid some bills and took care of issues with my mothers nursing home Just waiting till dinner is done will clean up kitchen throw some laundry in take a shower and collapse work again tommorrow Happy ncis is on tonite Have a great evening everyone
    Married to Manny 25 years
    Self-employed with our own property management business E3 property solutions
    4 kids Rob Tom Jen Manny jr

    2 great inlaws Kelly and Jason

    a big bernese mt dog and a fluffy pomerian Loki and Foxy my fur babies

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    Very productive, busy day - took a vac day today and got a bunch of stuff done:
    • Roasted half chicken in slow cooker w/carrots/radishes/onions
    • Oven roasted other half chicken with BBQ sauce
    • Cooked innards to make chicken broth
    • Used chicken broth to make brown rice and mashed potatoes
    • Fed cats innards instead of store-bought cat food
    • Organized mudroom
    • Finished last load of laundry
    • Cleaned bedroom and kitchen windows
    • Emptied and reloaded dishwasher
    • Cleaned kitchen counters
    • Changed bunny litter

    Whew! Now I need a vacation day from my vacation day!

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