Tightwad Tuesday, January 17, 2012
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    Default Tightwad Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Right now I am waiting for Cablevision to show up. Of course my tv is not acting up right now. Hopefully it will start doing what it has been doing by the time they show up.

    Have an appointment later in the day.

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    Having a no spend day. Completed most of our homeschool lessons already, ate leftovers for lunch, and are getting ready to go swimming with friends at the Y. Also hoping to get more cooking/baking for the freezer done tonight while the kids work on a puzzle.

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    No spend day here - working and feeling a bit better after my blues yesterday. Still having those monthly cramps, but not as bad. Brought some home made soup for lunch and hoping to get my three goals done after work. A snowy, blah winter day here in Chicago - perfect day to stay home and read - or watch really good "bad" TV I have recorded on my DVR.

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    gottadance - sometimes trash reality tv shows are just was the Dr orders to cure your blues. Your secret's safe with me


    Today - have done the AM shuffle with DH: breakky, lunch and coffee packed and dropped him off, hit the Walmart to refill our stockpile on canned beans as well as picked up a few other things, paid another bill online, loaded and ran d/w while I was out and unloaded it into the cupboards when I got home. Lunch was leftovers, watched a tv show on the PVR and placed an ad on kijiji finally.

    Judging by the time...I still have time to clear off the front hallway desk so DH can move it if need be on Thursday and maybe tackle a box or two in the bedroom - need to get rid of stuff!

    Not sure what we're doing for dinner - going out OR if dad's cooking. Its not overly cold or snowy here, rather warm and rainy. Supposed to drop immensely tonight into a deep freeze.

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    Today was a no-spend day. I worked. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch with a bottle of ice tea that I mixed up and a banana. I picked up my girl from the bus (ds stayed at grandma's). We came home and had grilled cheese sandwiches with soup and crackers for supper.
    I have to help dd finish her science fair project.

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