Good Afternoon all!!!

My Day has started out rather late! Woke up at 10:50 AM Oklahoma time ~ unfortunately still on Las Vegas time~ We were there for 5 days for our 6th Anniversary & got back home at 1:30 am (OK time) Monday morning PLUS I'm trying to go off caffeine AGAIN~ Thankfully it's summer & the teen gets himself up for football training camp (5 am). So praying I get back to my normal schedule by the end of this week! Probably doesn't help that I'm naturally a night owl anyway

Anyways, for this happy Tuesday I've already gotten MOST of our clothes washed since coming back. As I now use 1/2 & 1/2 of Dawn dishwashing liquid & water to use on my stains rather than the costly stain removers like Shout, I've also realized that some clothes that are stained more than just here & there do GREAT in a solution of water & dawn ~ just presoaked & then w/barely ringing some of the dawn-water out & just throwing it into the washer w/the rest of the items, it does FANTASTIC to get out all the stains!!! & then when the dawn-water is super grungy, I just toss out the water onto the lawn (better than tossing it down the sink, especially since in OK we are under a burn ban state wide... Makes me feel as if my lawn & such are getting SOME water)!!! & I've been saving my water that hasn't turned hot yet & any leftover water in cups or bottles in a bucket/container & throwing it on the lawn... used to do this w/our plants but we didn't plant this yr so my lawn is getting the benefit

Today my plans are to get back on track accounting books as well as to clean up our room... & bag up some stuff for goodwill this week ~ maybe not necessarily today. Also go to the chiropractor & get all dishes done (a friend of ours stayed w/our son while we were on our trip & most were cleaned up but not all), clean out the fridge, go to the store & get some milk lol ... mostly just trying to get my bearings back... However, 1 of the awesome things that occurred while in Vegas is that I lost 5 lbs while walking all over w/my DH & drinking so much water & not eating as much I've noticed that I don't want to eat a bunch of junk food. or even eat a whole lot. LOL Excited about that! :dance:

Happy Tuesday all!!! Hope you have a great day!