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Thread: Stove????

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    Default Stove????

    This year DH would like to buy a stove, probably toward the end of the heating season. We are unsure what type to get.

    Pellet or coal? Ive read that the new coal stoves burn clean but I was wondering if that was really true.

    We have a ranch home with a partially finished basement. We are also uncertain as to where to put the stove. We do have a fireplace on the main level in our living room but I am afraid that would make that room unbearably hot.

    So if you have a stove can you please share your experiences with one? Which kind do you have? What is the maintance like? Where do you have it in your house and do you save a lot of money by using one?

    We currently have oil heat and are looking for an alternative.

    Also my son as asthma so that is a big concern of ours as well.

    I was thinking if we do get one to put it in the unfinished part of the basement which is under our bedrooms so hopefully the heat would rise. We have wood floors so I dont know if that would be a concern or not.

    Sorry for rambling.

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    I have a box wood stove in my 1/2 basement...My basement in unfinished.. Make sure that if you get one you hook it up to code...they can be a fire bug if not...
    They are a mess with wood bring it inside getting it in the stove and all...They do save and keeps my house really warm but if you have to buy wood, coal or what ever I don't know how much you would save...I have had mine smoke the house a couple of times since I have had it..I heat, cook, and heat water with Lp...this stove saves enough that I only have to fill tank every 2 years. Price of heating is going up and up right now but you want to make sure your safe and it is worth the start up cost...

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