frugal week in a hotel -- planning
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    Default frugal week in a hotel -- planning

    DH and I are taking a trip this summer, splitting the hotel cost with another couple. We'll be gone 5 days and 4 nights, and we have a kitchenette. I'm planning meals out loud here, and appreciate any feedback.

    Wed. is a driving day, our friends are picking us up very early. They have a van (and are paying the gas) and it has a fridge or a cooler. We are bringing soda and other drinks for the week. Will probably stop halfway and buy lunch at Subway or some place like that.

    Wed. dinner after we arrive... probably a restaurant meal because we will be tired.

    Breakfasts... free at hotel. No idea if it is worth what we will pay for it. Ha ha. I can manage with a hot caffeinated drink and some kind of carbohydrate.

    Lunches and snacks: will be taking dry snacks like crackers with peanut butter, granola with dried fruit, some candy. It will be hot out, but we will be at indoor events most of the time except to and from the hotel. Will wrap some cold sodas for our backpacks. Will probably have to buy a couple after those are gone.

    I am thinking maybe some cold cut sandwiches for the first couple days. I can make them before we leave our room and carry them with the cold soda. After that...? Will probably be tired of sandwiches. We can walk back to the hotel when time allows, but it will be hot and will take an hour (?) or so out of our day out.

    Dinners: we have a $50 gift card we plan on using one night. I want to "cook" at least twice at the hotel. Take something from the freezer at home that can heat up easily. I have no idea what kind of cookware is available. I assume one saucepan and one skillet. I don't intend to pack a lot of cookware on this trip.

    Not sure yet what to do about vegs and side dishes. I could take lettuce for salads, that's easy to fix, but I don't know if it will survive the trip. I'd have to buy it Monday, which means it would be 3-4 day old *at least* by the time we got to it. And by Sat night I doubt it will be edible.

    I'm worried frozen veg wont survive 9+ hours in a cooler. I could microwave them though. DH won't eat *boiled* vegetables. I use steamer at home. I am not packing the steamer. If I take fresh vegs how do I cook them?

    I'm taking snacks for the room: tea and cocoa, microwave popcorn, maybe pretzels. Cookies?

    Sun. is a driving day. We will leave after lunch. Probably buy lunch around 1pm, as we will have to be out of the room before 11. Will stop halfway for a light fast food dinner. Will be home around 11pm.

    We have no access to a grocery store, but there is a convenience store nearby.


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    One thing that we always take on car trips is crackers, cheese and summer sausage. It travels well and you can take a knife or cut it up before hand.

    As for side dishes, you could make up mashed potatoes before you go and freeze them. They would help keep the cooler cold and shouldn't thaw completely. Then when you are ready to eat them, you just pop them in the microwave and they still taste great!

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