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Yesterday 10:09 PM
 Lentil Burgers
and I just so happen to have a quart of lentils in my fridge ..... ;) What type of texture should I be looking for after adding the egg, breadcrumbs and seasonings, something that holds its shape... (563 views, 3 replies)
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Yesterday 09:41 PM
 Need advice - Dad has a "friend"
Prayers and Hugs. May you find peace and acceptance for your dad's decision. No one wants to be alone. All of us have made some mistakes. (1,008 views, 25 replies)
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Yesterday 08:17 PM
 What Did You Get for Free in April 2014?
A couple things I forgot: A long cushion for a lawn chair...I plan to recover it AND use it! A tricycle..I plan to paint it and attach a planter to the seat. God is throwing all kinds of good... (357 views, 17 replies)
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Yesterday 08:14 PM
 April to-do Challenge
Grr... computer glitched and lost my post, but that's probably for the best, since I was ranting. Bottom line of that was that I envy those of you with healthy, loving, supportive family... (1,060 views, 76 replies)
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Yesterday 07:27 PM
Welcome from North Texas...but I have shirt tail relatives in Houston. (143 views, 8 replies)
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Yesterday 07:14 PM
 Say Anything ~ 'The What's On Your Mind Today' thread.....
Today was a great was wonderful......dinne r with the family........too much, sitting around chatting..... (70,276 views, 2,026 replies)
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Maine Girl
Yesterday 06:56 PM
 2014 No Spend Challenge
Monday, Tuesday Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday no spend Wednesday was a spend (9,257 views, 632 replies)
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Yesterday 05:24 PM
 Daily Gratitudes for Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014
Sunrise service Easter everyone is ok today FV friends Taz would have been 10 today (45 views, 5 replies)
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Yesterday 04:00 PM
 how we live
Happy jelly bean, chocolate bunny and of course those little yellow peeps day. trying to keep it light here. May everyone have a wonderful day. oh, if anyone notices any weird things in my posts... (15,693 views, 294 replies)
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Yesterday 03:24 PM
 Crepes anyone??
My favorite to put in crepes is spinach and mushrooms after they have been sauteed. or for dessert strawberries and whipped creme (442 views, 1 replies)
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Yesterday 01:18 PM
 Garlic Up. The 2014 effort to date.
20 April 2014 Garlic Up 20 April 2014 Garlic Up The garlic is up. The magic and my porcelain are all up. The supermarket softneck suffered some leaf damage but may survive. Not one bulbil came up. I... (54 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 12:54 PM
 The Truly, Necessary Spending Challenge ~ What did you spend your money on today ~
Today will be a no spend day. :) (91,218 views, 4,475 replies)
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Yesterday 12:53 PM
 2014 No Eating Out Challenge
All meals at home today. :) (5,770 views, 419 replies)
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Yesterday 12:41 PM
 Body and Soul Challenge
Hope everyone is having a Blessed Easter! :) (10,837 views, 589 replies)
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Yesterday 11:26 AM
 2014 Grocery Budget Challenge
made another unplanned trip to the store and that put me over budget by $5 for the month. Oh well. If I hit the store next week it will only be for sale items for the stockpile. (13,826 views, 435 replies)
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Yesterday 09:11 AM
 Is it too early for 12/13/14?
I sometimes buy a lottery ticket just for fun. I know - not frugal at all. But it is fun to win a little something. So yesterday I transferred $100 to the student loan. (18,743 views, 405 replies)
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Yesterday 08:55 AM
 Germinating Cucumbers
20 April 2014 Germinating Cucumbers. 20 April 2014 Germinating Cucumbers Six pots of cucumbers were planted to get a good start on the 2014 season. Each pot has three seeds planted and placed in the... (34 views, 0 replies)