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Today 09:08 AM
 What Do Enjoy Doing In Your Free Time?
I find I'm spending a lot more time at the community garden where I have my plot. It's on my way to and from work so it's easy for me to stop on my way home. Other than that, I either watch DVDs and... (446 views, 16 replies)
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Today 08:56 AM
 Why Are You Frugal?
I have been frugal for so long I don't know any better. I am always checking prices to see if I can get the things that I have to have cheaper.. I cook all our meals, we have a garden, we do all our... (192 views, 11 replies)
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oheoh's momma
Today 08:35 AM
 Is It Really Cheaper?
Living large I use cream lotions they work better for me. Right now I am using Devon vitamin e cream froom dollar general store. Work great. Dove shampoo is too harsh for my chemically treated hair.... (131 views, 4 replies)
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Today 08:24 AM
 Last Time You Had Good Old Fashioned Belly Laugh?
Yesterday, was listening to a Chris Rock CD in the car driving to work. (75 views, 2 replies)
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Cricket VS
Yesterday 11:59 PM
 Frugal Ways To Have Fun This Summer?
WOW! MsMarieH, that is an AMAZING list! :smile2: (93 views, 3 replies)
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Yesterday 11:58 PM
 painting on shower curtain???
Shower curtain probably long gone by now......LOL (8,056 views, 11 replies)
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Livin Large
Yesterday 09:33 PM
 How Do You Save Money On Fresh Produce?
I gardened and bought fresh fruits/veggies from Bountiful Baskets.....I sure miss Bountiful Baskets. :frown: (172 views, 6 replies)
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Yesterday 06:30 PM
 2015 To-Do Challenge
3/4 today. I ignored my desk all day. I think I need to do a remedial vacuuming class for hubby, he apparently thinks the house vacuum is a shop-vac and will pick up anything. :bang: I picked... (27,148 views, 1,043 replies)
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Yesterday 05:49 PM
 Every Dollar?
Has anyone used I'm a little intrigued by it, as I saw it on the blog of a woman I follow, and wondered if any of you have used it. (114 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 03:52 PM
 Wife Cosigned Sister's Student Loan Without my Knowledge
Whats not normal about having "anger issues" when you have been wronged. And especially when you don't have closure because it isn't being acknowledged as a betrayal w/ regard to your rights and... (1,143 views, 34 replies)
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Domestic Gal
Yesterday 02:31 PM
 2015 Household Purge/De-clutter Challenge
We'll now that school is out and I have the summer off time for a garage sale. All the stuff I went through in December has been sitting in the basement since then. Hoping to have the sale next week.... (5,025 views, 66 replies)
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Yesterday 02:27 PM
 What are your tips for buying a vehicle frugally?
All advice above is good. I'd add that if you're buying in a private sale, be absolutely sure that the seller actually has and provides marketable title to the vehicle. I've seen several... (310 views, 13 replies)
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Yesterday 12:49 PM
 Daily Gratitudes for Thursday, May 28, 2015
bright warm sunshine cotton candy clouds furbabies ceiling fan heats off forgiveness Grace (84 views, 3 replies)
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Yesterday 12:46 PM
 2015 No Eating Out Challenge
all meals at home. (5,399 views, 150 replies)
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Yesterday 12:10 PM
 2015 No-Spend Challenge
Yesterday was a spend (7,817 views, 192 replies)
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Yesterday 12:08 PM
 2015 Pantry / Freezer Challenge
Yesterday Freezer ziplock hamburger 1/2 bag hash browns .. other half now in fridge Fridge 3 tomatoes 1 salad already made up part of a bag of salad ( BOGO ) (7,014 views, 114 replies)
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Yesterday 11:15 AM
 2015 Grocery Budget Challenge
Add another $30 and today is payday, so I'm done. That's $285, and the budget was $300. (20,418 views, 410 replies)