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Yesterday 07:24 PM
 2016 Use It Up Challenge
They apparently discussed little about the pony but talked about other wildlife. The neighbor put out a cam and he has been seeing lots of coyotes - we hear them too. There have been hunters around... (36,781 views, 1,363 replies)
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Yesterday 06:00 PM
 A Cheap Halloween Family Day
Wonderful ideas! I miss the kids being little and trick or treating and the decorations :) (138 views, 3 replies)
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Yesterday 05:16 PM
 2016 To Do Challenge
Done today Bathroom trash out Cleaned out one cupboard and tossed a bunch. Wiped it out and washed the liner. Dishwasher emptied Dishwasher refilled and washed All pots and pans hand washed... (94,452 views, 4,481 replies)
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Yesterday 04:29 PM
 2016 Lose-A-Pound-A-Week Challenge
Hi guys! I've been here before back early in the year but wandered out and focused on other things which were not weight related. That wasn't such a great plan because now I have gained some weight... (9,579 views, 447 replies)
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Yesterday 02:54 PM
 2016 Get Stepping Challenge
Thursday-50 min walk Friday-45 min walk Sat-40 min walk Sunday45 min walk (9,755 views, 251 replies)
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Yesterday 08:57 AM
 Roth versus traditional investing theory
This is why I want to use pre-tax income for retirement, then take those tax savings and put them in a brokerage account. (145 views, 3 replies)