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Today 07:37 AM
 Say Anything ~ 'The What's On Your Mind Today' thread.....
Again thanks for all the well wishes regarding our cat. I was fine until last night an orange tabby commercial came on. Glad I was at home. You feel kinda stupid for caring about a cat that way but... (99,989 views, 2,433 replies)
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Today 07:32 AM
 Preparing for winter
I bought several new winter sweaters @ Macy's during clearance after Christmas so I am set with clothes. Coats & boots are all in good shape. We just purchased a new to us 4x4 pickup so we have two... (163 views, 8 replies)
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Spirit Deer
Yesterday 05:58 PM
 Frugal Challenge 2.0!
Forgot to mention I had called our carpenter and left a message asking if they could come and fix a rotted rim joist we discovered when we ripped the old rotted steps off the back of the house. He... (17,888 views, 407 replies)
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Yesterday 05:12 PM
 Cast iron newbie
I do not suggest ever cleaning it with lye. I scrub mine with water and plain table salt, never anything else. For re-seasoning I stick with canola oil. (174 views, 5 replies)
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Yesterday 03:41 PM
 How much can I earn?
PurpleSnowflake: I'm back. I took a brief break due to health reasons. :) And due to some of the shenanigans going on here. But I am back. I'm on the 20 Wishes thread on the Goals board at the... (13,723 views, 274 replies)
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Yesterday 03:36 PM
 Six Grain Gruel
31 August 2014 Six Grain Gruel. 31 August 2014 Six Grain Gruel. Thick gruel was made using six ingredients.The ingredients vary from batch to batch, depending what is available. The ingredients are... (30 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 01:56 PM
 Pressure Canning
You are repeating dogma that has already been adequately addressed. (277 views, 13 replies)
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Yesterday 01:31 PM
 Fried Italien Crockpot Pork Steaks
Obviously this is only frugal if you find the steaks on sale, but pork steaks go a long way, and this meal made three meals. It could have made 4, but it was so good I had to get seconds. The garlic... (42 views, 0 replies)
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many houseapes
Yesterday 11:55 AM
 I Get To Join the "Grandma Club"!
Hi Niko! It's been awhile since we've talked - time gets away too quickly for Yes, fortunately, #5 HA lives in the same area, so I'll be spoiling the little stinker....then I can send her/him... (186 views, 12 replies)
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Yesterday 11:55 AM
 2014 pantry/ freezer challenge
I just did a mega cooking session for an upcoming renovation, so my freezer is full. My fridge looks rather empty though. But that's okay. Won't need much from there anyway. (8,888 views, 230 replies)
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Yesterday 11:50 AM
 Glass vs. plastic for food storage
I have vintage Pyrex, new Pyrex, Ball/Kerr canning jars, U?Konserve: quality, safe and reusable food storage (the stainless containers for my sons and my lunches) and (1,397 views, 20 replies)
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Yesterday 11:25 AM
 Be financially ready to put house on market
My first month is done and I'm very happy with our progress. We stayed on budget for our groceries, had to fill up the car at only half the cost expected and I've made more money at work then what we... (540 views, 18 replies)
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Yesterday 11:07 AM
 Daily Gratitudes for Sunday, August 31, 2014
~~~God loves me ~~~our church ~~~rain during the night ~~~air conditioning ~~~having enough (54 views, 0 replies)