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Yesterday 10:52 PM
 Eating out is over rated
Eating out at boring chain restaurants is overrated. However, I absolutely love eating at independently owned restaurants with creative and talented chefs who do things with food that I would never... (396 views, 18 replies)
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Yesterday 10:10 PM
 How Did You Save Money Recently?
Got several natural/herbal remedy,first aid and food healing type books at the used book store. Spent $42. for 6 texts. I am pleased. I was disappointed thye didnt have any used nursing books or... (31,251 views, 547 replies)
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Yesterday 10:04 PM
 making rice krispie candy
IDK. We just make the regular rice Krispies recipe and put it in a cake pan. I melt choc. chips and pour over it and cut it in squares. (58 views, 1 replies)
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Yesterday 10:01 PM
 Say Anything ~ 'The What's On Your Mind Today' thread.....
Um no never that Giro just not as covered as a young man might want of his Dmom. We are very conservative here. Very. I have to laugh at Dh. He is usually reserved about his comments about... (123,933 views, 2,803 replies)
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Maine Girl
Yesterday 08:31 PM
 2015 Reading Challenge
Rebecca, Cozy mysteries are great! Most of them are clean content and funny. Lots of authors and genre's to choose from. (388 views, 15 replies)
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Yesterday 03:24 PM
 2014 No Eating Out Challenge
Yesterday eat out. Subway has $2 6 inchers going on and $4 footlongs. Spent $4 and no cooking ... no dishes as paper plates used. Sides were from home. (17,321 views, 677 replies)
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Yesterday 03:22 PM
 2014 No Spend Challenge
Yesterday spend. (21,031 views, 920 replies)
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Yesterday 02:25 PM
 Daily Gratitudes for Thursday, December 18, 2014
~~~God loves me ~~~it's Christmas time ~~~lovely new building for my former workplace ~~~seeing former co-workers ~~~having enough (70 views, 0 replies)
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Spirit Deer
Yesterday 02:19 PM
 2014 household purge/declutter challenge
I'm going through totes I recently sorted and getting rid of more stuff. I sorted that stuff maybe two months ago and have already forgotten what I saved. I'll never go looking for it if I don't... (15,698 views, 407 replies)
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Yesterday 02:08 PM
 2014 Hobby Supplies Challenge: Use it or Lose it!
Sounds like fun SD! :) (36,482 views, 1,876 replies)
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Yesterday 02:04 PM
 2014 Twenty Wishes Challenge
Work - Rug Hooking 1) Buy a new cutter - DONE 2) Research and consider an art mentorship program - Happening! The lady emailed me and what with various situations developing, decided to offer me a... (9,834 views, 145 replies)
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Yesterday 01:55 PM
 Who is passing out gifts already?
:sigh: I have a friend like that. She has 10 cats and her place is a hoarder's poster. Thankfully she does not bake for me! They often bring garden produce, which I appreciate...and wash... (306 views, 11 replies)
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Yesterday 01:46 PM
 A caterpillar ready to morph in to a butterfly
Great news - DH got a raise! Woot! Well deserved, that man works HARD. (25,604 views, 542 replies)
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Yesterday 12:21 PM
 2015 Pantry / Freezer Challenge
I want to have room for another side or quarter of beef so I plan on using as much as I can from the freezers these next few months too. Plus rotate my storage items too. Hopefully this thread will... (266 views, 10 replies)
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Yesterday 10:53 AM
 2014 Crochet Corner
Almost done with one of the afgan I'm making for a friend. Only about half a skein away from done since I want to use up the yarn. Since it's one of those pound skeins, there's still a ways to go.... (5,070 views, 81 replies)
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Yesterday 09:48 AM
I have an iphone, and I probably won't ever give it up. Last year I made a resolution to work out for 180 hours this year, and I used Map My Walk to keep track of it. I also used Lose it! to track... (1,705 views, 36 replies)
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Yesterday 08:26 AM
 Who plans to pay off their mortgage in 2015?
YAY! That's FABULOUS! You've got a very short time left--just 4 months! Is this the normal payoff date or are you accelerating it by sending extra principle? (477 views, 13 replies)
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The Muse
Yesterday 07:57 AM
 Eating and the Holidays?
I don't do anything differently. If I know I'm going to a place where I'm likely to eat more calories than usual, I budget for it by saving calories ahead of time, or doing an extra long workout. ... (670 views, 14 replies)
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Yesterday 07:14 AM
 Is It To Early for 12/15/15
Well, Dh didnt get the $160,000 a yr. job. He got thru 2 interveiws at which point they say they are going internal. Dang it-another pipe dream gone!! The company gave him a small bonus and no raise... (3,787 views, 87 replies)