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Yesterday 08:15 PM
 2014 Twenty Wishes Challenge
Hmm...what to work on the rest of the year... 1) Buy a new cutter 4) Sketch daily 11) Renovate the kitchen - finish 13) Purge and clean sewing room and rug hooking studio 16) Get caught up on... (7,695 views, 123 replies)
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Yesterday 08:09 PM
 Anyone travel without a credit card?
Just some updates in case anyone is interested.... I have already taken my trip and using my debit card wasn't as big of a hassle as I expected. Since the hotel and rental car were prepaid I was... (434 views, 15 replies)
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Yesterday 07:32 PM
 What did you get for free Oct '14
two free nights at Marriott hotels on our way down south. (421 views, 14 replies)
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Yesterday 06:13 PM
 The Truly, Necessary Spending Challenge ~ What did you spend your money on today ~
Not much room for w/d, but I suppose if I were there for 'real' - I would find a place. For the most part I do keep a pile of clothing out there - then bring them home when necessary (with towels,... (115,542 views, 4,758 replies)
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Yesterday 05:30 PM
 Passionate Life Challenge
I'm very late to this obviously, but never too late! I have been making a lot of changes recently in my life to live more passionately. Sadly in the past week I have slacked on some parts (like... (3,806 views, 94 replies)
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Yesterday 05:24 PM
 How Did You Save Money Recently?
Havent paid a penny in CC interest in 6 months or more. Way diff than the past. DH takes a taxi to and from the airport so we dont pay the gas. They reimburse but at way less than given. Also I... (22,355 views, 393 replies)
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Yesterday 05:01 PM
 Daily Gratitude 10/31/2014 Friday
Today I'm grateful for... * My amazing husband and beautiful children. * A loving set of in-laws who understand that we don't have a lot of money and thoughtfully bought our youngest's Halloween... (95 views, 2 replies)
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Yesterday 04:07 PM
 2014 No Eating Out Challenge
Thanks Imagine! Meals will be at home tonight also. (14,195 views, 609 replies)
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Yesterday 03:30 PM
 2014 No Spend Challenge
Todays already been a spend. Sigh (18,394 views, 872 replies)