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    You people just slay me...I didn't get anything done all day...I did bake a loaf of banana bread this evening and a fresh cherry cobbler (only ruined 2 shirts pitting the darn things...and I remember now I have two aprons I made sitting in the drawer...that'll teach me!!). And I am going to do my dry cleaning (I used dryel here at home), but that is about it...TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY, OH HAPPINESS OVERFLOWING

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    Smile Garden fun on frugal Friday

    Things I've done today (outlined in bold) even if I listed them a few days ago:

    Gardening: plant some of the rest of the 6-packs, tie the grapevine, nail up the strings for the runner beans, transplant the runner beans and bush beans, plant more lettuce & basil seed, transplant basil to larger pots, transplant the morning glories, cucs. Dig up the border for transplanting the zuccini; tansplant the zuccini.
    Plant flowers in hanging planters.Hoe garden again with rod-weeder hoe; put tomato cages over tomato plants.

    Lawn: mow the back lawn & front lawn as soon as the rest of the Siberian Elm tree seeds have sprouted.

    Patio: sweep the rest of the patio where the seeds are lying in drifts behind planters, chairs, tools etc.

    Bushes: prune the Nanking Cherry trees after they finish fruiting; pick the Black Currants when ready

    Harvest: harvest rhubarb, chives (scissor-snip, then freeze in bags)

    Whenever there is a huge amount of work to get done, I find that it is best to just focus on one thing at a time, and see how much I can realistically get done--doing the most important things first.

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