Waste Not Wednesday
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    Default Waste Not Wednesday

    Easy day today. Watered the garden, gathered pine cones for future fire starters, fixed lunch for the grandsons, made out grocery list, did laundry, and getting ready to make dinner menu.

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    easy day here done dishes, made bed, washed a large load of good whites with dry bleach, added a little vinegar to rinse along with less fabric softner hung to dry in house. Leftovers for lunch. Pork chop casserole for dinner with my first yellow tomato's of the season.

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    Today was my early work day, so I got out at 2pm. Went to the YMCA and worked out on our discounted membership, then decided, to remove my acrylic nails. When I sat down and thought about the money I spending to on my artificial nails....it made me sick. So I will just have to faithfully do my own nails at home and make them look the best I can.
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    Busy day here: packed up DF's lunch/coffee and took him to physio then work, ran errands at 3 stores before ending up at the grocery store. Did the dishwasher thing, made another huge container of salad for 'whenever', did lunch with dad and a lil extra clean up when he wasn't looking, paid bills online and now am in the process of emptying a cupboard so I can use it as the new 'stockpile' cupboard.

    Where did the day go? :/

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