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May 29th

Frugal Family Fun

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Park/nature center outing

Many of us go to parks. How about making that day extra special? Let's not just pack a lunch. There are so many wonderful things to do. You could bring a bird identification book and binoculars, and a camera. What a sweet day to spend with the children. An extra idea! Why not just grab an extra phonebook, and gather some wildflowers to press? This is a very inexpensive day to share with your little ones. The pictures and pressed flowers can create lasting memories. Maybe even go kite flying. This day could lead to buying an inexpensive birdfeeder at home. What a sweet hobby to share.

Star Gazing

You don't have to have a telescope for this. Make time to connect with your kids. Star charts are available to purchase that can aid you in pointing out the constellations or go to your local library. Create a special occasion by setting up that tent in the backyard. Break out the sleeping bags and camp at home. You can expand on this idea with cooking outside and telling ghost stories.

Fun night out

Don't be afraid to be goofy. Have a theme night to the movies. You could have silly hat day or pajama day. Your kids will love a day of silliness and fun. You could even follow the theme of the movie. You could have dinner at home before or after that follows the them

Treasure Hunt

Have your kids decorate a brown bag or cardboard box. Set it aside for a future use. Throughout your travels you can pick up little odds and ends. This can include dollar store type items, candy, small books, and pens etc. Place these items into the decorated box. Hide the box somewhere and create a treasure map for your kids to find it. You can hide clues along the way. Your kids will squeal with excitement.


Remember how much fun swings are? It only takes a small bit of time and no money to search out some community swings. Find a place that has adult swings too. Don't forget the kid that is still within you. Create a surprise. When out doing the typical errands with your kid(s), make it a point to stop at the swings as a surprise. Might want to pack a few drinks ahead of time.

Fruit picking

This is a nice outing that is quite inexpensive. Imagine the various types of things that can be picked, apples, strawberries, corn, pumpkins, and raspberries.

Gourmet chef

Cooking date is a great event to announce to your kids. You can put a date on the calendar and call it Cooking day. A nice thing to make is a homemade pizza. (of course you can make anything you want) The point is that your kids will be excited to have a planned activity. This can become a wonderful tradition.

Board games

In a time of video games and the internet?a nice time of playing board games can be more fun. You create a nice atmosphere by setting out a nice blanket on the floor. Have some fun munchies and comfort food. You could dig out some of those old tapes you loved as a teen and hare some memories of yourself when you were a kid.

Read to your kids

Many parents read books at bedtime, but how about a tradition of reading the Sunday paper together? Take the time to discuss what is being read. If reading at bedtime, why not try reading by flashlight under the covers? How about a little pillow fight? Clip articles and comics out of the paper you read together. You can start a cute scrapbook together or even a family diary. A little something special for you, and your kids to share.

Plant a small garden

This can be something as small as gardening in clay pots or a bigger garden planted in the ground. You could do something as simple as herbs indoors or even just grow houseplants.

Talent show

A fun activity is to have a family talent show. Each member of the family could have a chance to be center stage and show off a talent. A few spin offs could be show and tell night or a puppet show or even a magic show or even a disco night of indoor at home dancing. Have a camera and have a family photo shoot. For puppet shows you can make puppets as simple as paper bags embellished or you can cut the bottoms off of old stuffed animals and take out the stuffing.


There are so many online resources for origami, or you could purchase a book from a local bookstore. You don't need to buy origami paper. You can use any paper. You can make all types of things. An idea might be xmas ornaments.

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