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May 29th
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People stockpile for various reasons. I buy extra for my pantry and freezer when there’s a sale. It’s so I don’t pay full price or pay more later. Some people stockpile in case of an emergency, unplanned extra expenses, distance from stores, bad weather, preparedness in case of natural catastrophe or lean times.

I’ve seen many people who want to have a year’s worth of goods stocked. I like to have at least 3 months stored for the pantry and 6 months or more for meat and poultry for the freezer and personal care products.

It’s important to note that the majority of frugal people who are stocking up aren’t extremists or hoarders clearing off grocery shelves because they foresee doom and gloom. It’s typically done naturally (they were raised to be prepared or have mastered a streamlined, frugal way to shop), gradually and based on what their family uses. For example, if chicken is on sale, they’ll buy more than a week’s worth of chicken. That way, the following week they don’t have to pay full price for chicken. It saves trips to the store, too.

Some have gardens and preserve food and consider that their stockpile. Some are avid coupon and rebate shoppers, too. But there are some who stock up anticipating the absolute worst-case scenarios. Read: survivalists. We have a forum for preparedness and survival. While it does include self reliance and preparedness topics, it isn't a hardcore survivalist forum.

This forum covers topics more geared toward how to prepare for emergencies or disasters such as weather prepping, food prepping and storage, keeping our families safe, home security and touches base on wilderness survival and foraging.

Recently, I’ve noticed my forum members are stocking more than usual, but not in an extreme way. Buying food is a wise choice, given the accelerating prices.

To begin your stockpile, I suggest you buy a few extras each shopping trip if an item you use is on sale. If you have coupons, you’ll have even greater savings. You can start out by cutting one item from your grocery list or budgeting in a few bucks more for your groceries. With that extra money, you look for a sale item you typically use. Maybe you’ll find a buy-one-get-one-free deal. You can buy four. The following trip, you can use the money you saved from the first sale to use toward the next sale on another product you typically use. You’ll build enough savings so that instead of buying a couple of extra when an item is on sale, you can buy more. Eventually, you won’t be paying full price on much of anything. You’ll have a decent stockpile, too.

Below is a stockpile photo gallery and there's a stockpiling forum, too.


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