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May 29th

Mason Jar Oil Lamps

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Special thanks to Lori aka Captclearance

Pictured are the items you will need to make these. A jar with lid, filling (pinecones, potpourri, Fabric, buttons, marbles, stones, dried fruit or chilies, glass ornaments, hard candies, etc.
The only items I know of that do not work well are photos and chocolate. A glass wick holder, and fiberglass wick, 4 to 6 inches in length and a User safety tag, Decorative items.
I use a scrap of fabric for a bow and a piece of raffia to tie the tag on a user safety tag.
(make this on you computer) I will give the verse to you later in the tutorial.
Almost any kind of jar can be used, I have 2 examples in the photos, make sure jars are free from cracks and defects. If using the cork lids be sure the glass wick holder goes all the way through and the oil is not filled high enough to soak the cork.
Do not fill lamps with lamp oil until you are ready to use them. NEVER ship with lamp oil in them!

Fill jars with items of your choosing. I am using potpourri in this demonstration.

Using a nail and hammer or a drill make holes in lids..... make them only large enough to fit the glass wick holder.You want a tight fit.

Safety tag for Oil Lamps:
Write by hand or print these tags on your computer.
This list includes a list of precautions for the users..... I have included what I felt necessary, however these oil lamps can be dangerous and should be treated as you would any oil or fuel lamp or use precautions as you would any open flame or candle. Common sense is a necessary ingredient whenever candles or oil lamps are used.

Tag should read
Never leave lit lamp unattended !!
Fill with Pure paraffin oil only !! Using other fuels can cause an explosion!!!
At the least other oils will cause smoking and make a mess.Keep away from Children.
Parts from the lamp are a chocking hazard and lamp oil is POISONOUS and very FLAMMABLE !!!
Keep the wick trimmed to 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the top of the wick holder.The lamp will
smoke if wick is too long.Never light near flammable items such as curtains, decor, furniture, etc.
Place lamp where it is level and will not spill or tip. Allow wick to soak up oil for at
least 3 hours before lighting. Remove oil before shipping or storing. Check for cracks in the jar and wick holder before filling and lighting. Use the same care as you would a candle, hurricane lamp or any open flame.With proper care your lamp should offer years of enjoyment.

Put lids with wick holders on the jars, tie on bows (make sure they are well below where open flame will be.Tie tag on with raffia or jute.

The finished oil lamp

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