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Save space using dresser drawers

By on August 29, 2009

photo by era phernalia vintage

Old dressers have many uses. Use one in the garage as a potting bench or to hold miscellaneous tools. Add one to a mudroom to hold winter gear. Or use an old dresser to hold games, craft supplies or books.

Have you recycled an old dresser? Tell me about your project.

The first tip is a great idea for using the drawers.

REUSE DRESSER DRAWERS: I was browsing through one of my groups, and the topic turned to repurposing things for organizational uses. One member shared that she had an old dresser that was headed for the garbage; however, a couple of the drawers were still OK. So she took two of them, put casters on them, and now uses them under her daughter’s bed for storing Barbie dolls and craft items. She painted and stenciled them, too. Think of how much space you can save by doing that. I know that, when you buy those actual under-the-bed wooden drawers, they’re a small fortune. — Theresa, Florida

FRUGAL FAMILY WAYS: Remember to check prices on a case of eggs, which can be stacked Friday night in fridge, saving a bunch, and they are right there, handy. Also, check to see if the pound margarines are good and reasonable. Then put 4 pounds margarine, 1/4 pound butter, 1/2 teaspoon sea salt and 1/2 cup water (all at room temperature) in a large bowl. Finishing the beating with a mixer is easy. Put whipped soft spread into small tubs, and stack in the refrigerator for easy use. To break your bulk meats down for the freezer, use saved cold-cereal inner bags. Mark right on them with big black permanent marker. They stack easily, too. When prepping the veggies for the dinner meal, keep your next night recipe handy there and prep enough for that meal and bag it. Makes the next night’s meal a snap to assemble. — Ginner, e-mail

REUSE CONTAINERS: When I purchase anything in a plastic container, once it’s empty, I fill the container with hot water to above the label(s) and let it sit for just a few seconds. Then I start peeling the label. If there is any residue, use Goo Gone or Orange Oil to clean it up and then wash it. I keep all my dry goods in these bottles, little and big, instead of canisters. I use every sort of container and every type. I keep my flour, sugar and the like in the very large sort that you might buy pretzels in or the medium ones that you can get candies and cookies in. The ideas are limitless. They fit well in the cupboards and even look nice on the counter. I have decorated some with fabric. I use them in my sewing room, my bathroom and my washroom, just to mention a few places. Awfully handy in the garden, too. — Jackie N., California

ICE-CUBE-TRAY USE: My friend freezes cookie-dough and bread-dough balls/cubes. She thaws, tosses them onto cookie sheets, and she does get odd shapes, but they’re instant. No need to buy the kind from the store in the tubes. — Libby, Canada

SALVAGED PILLOWS: I once washed a pair of bed pillows, and the batting in them separated in the middle, so I took out the sewing machine and sewed two channels of stitching down the middle, and between the stitching I cut the pillows in half and used them for decorative pillows. — Karen, Kansas


  1. Deb Gibbs

    8/30/2009 at 6:56 am

    An old dresser drawer works great as a t.v. stand. You can use the drawers to hold dvd’s extra cords etc. if there are small drawers at the top, you can take them out to house your dvd player etc.

  2. Amy

    9/7/2009 at 3:27 pm

    We repurposed an old dresser to store my daughters and my fabric and sewing projects in. It works beautifully and keeps our items out of the way of our little guys who love to play with the fabric, even if it happens to be pinned together, ready to be sewn!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Real Small Town Fun =-.

  3. Sara Noel

    9/25/2009 at 11:30 pm

    Both great ideas to use old dressers. I’d like to use one just to hold all the DVDs, CDs, game remotes etc.

  4. JenD

    1/25/2010 at 5:16 am

    I took an old dresser from my childhood and turned it into a media stand. I took out the top two drawers, popped out their bottoms and used the bottoms as the shelf in the newly vacated space. My dvd player sat there so it could pick up a signal form the remote.

    The drawers themselves (what was left of them) I took the handles off and hung them nearby on the wall as square shelves that held two small speakers and a small knicknack.

    A quick repaint in soft white and I had a beautiful little entertainment center!

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